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Week 1 Overview

Monday, March 11, 2013

Overall, week one went great. I tracked my food and found what I specifically need to watch!!! I still need to drink more water!!!!!!! For some reason I am struggling with that. I did fine with it when I was breastfeeding because if I didn't I didn't have enough milk. Now that I am done breastfeeding, it is another story.

The working out last week was a complete and utter flop as far as actually working out. On the other hand, I did realize something valuable and motivating. If I do not workout for even a few days, I lose what I gained. That is great motivation to keep going and push myself the right amount. Not too much, not too little.

Another epiphany occurred this past week. I started reading this book called Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst and it talks about imperfect progress. While I was reading this, I thought about my job and my expectations for my students every day. I expect them to try. I expect them to work hard but I never expect them to be perfect or get it right the first time. Every skill we have learned in school is practiced and learned over time. Why am I treating myself differently then I would my students? Why am I expecting perfection from myself right away? That is ridiculous! Then I started to think about what would happen to my students if I held them to the same expectations that I am holding myself to. I came to the realization that they would respond the exact same way that I do. They would start giving up and acting out. I may not act out in they same way that they do but I still act out. THey would give up on believing in themselves and thinking they can accomplish the skill we are working on; which, is exactly what I did last week with working out. "I missed three days and I am also going to miss Friday so I might as well not try at all." I also wouldn't let my students get away with that so why am I letting myself get away with that? With that said, I am going to work harder this week and remember that I have a goal and a deadline. I am going to focus on what went well and move forward working on what I struggle with. I am also giving myself motivational rewards and charts.

Moving forward to week 2!
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