It's Monday...

Monday, March 11, 2013

Sometimes Monday is a drag... have to work, the weekend is over... but today, I am feeling good! I got through the weekend without significant deviation from my healthy eating plan. I did some exercise each day. Today I did a really good workout at the gym, and am feeling pretty darn proud of myself.

Except it is 2:30 PM, and I have a bad case of the munchies. I know I should really keep working on my tax stuff, but I really want to hit the kitchen for something... maybe some fruit, maybe some popcorn... or a 60 calorie jello treat. Nothing there that isn't healthy. Except I just had a 90 calorie bar.

Why do I get this every afternoon? I had a good lunch with enough protein and enough fiber so see me through. I don't even know if I am really hungry or if I just want to eat!

So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to the kitchen and get a big glass of water. then I am going back to work on my taxes. If I am still craving something at 4:00 or when I am done with the taxes, whichever comes first, then I will have some fruit.

I think that today I am going to win the battle!!!
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