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5 Years at Goal Today !!! I can't believe it !

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Major Milestone ! 5 Years at Goal !!!
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I’ve never maintained a weight loss for so long ! I am so proud of me ! I’ve made changes in my lifestyle that I know will be with me for the rest of my life.

Weight Loss Anniversary Notes

I don’t stay on track 100% of the time, allowing myself the occasional sweet treat or pizza for dinner. Those are the most tempting off program foods for me. No problem, as long as it’s “occasional”. I have had times when I’ve gone completely off track and overindulged in sweet treats. Still working on getting that in control. And I’m also working on losing an additional 10 pounds. I think that will be a healthier weight for me.

Eating Habits –

I now eat a mostly healthy diet, lots of veggies, fruits, chicken and turkey on occasion & beans in place of beef, which I’ve eliminated. I’m still working on putting fish in my diet. Other than tuna salad, salmon salad, and breaded fish, I just don’t like the taste.

I eat whole grain breads and cereals, and I’m always looking for healthy snacks.

I’m lactose intolerant so I drink almond milk, and recently switched from the sweetened vanilla to unsweetened vanilla, to cut down on the sugar in my diet.

Areas I still need to work on are sweets and portions, especially when I have sweets. I know that what I really need to do is remove tempting goodies from the house, but that’s hard to do since my hubby loves those goodies and I don’t want to deprive him. I’m focusing on not having the goodies that I like in the house. That is helping. The biggest temptation is when we shop at our local grocery store. They have the best bakery section and I have a hard time avoiding it, especially since you have to pass thru it on the way to produce. SO not fair !

Exercise –

I always enjoyed exercising and staying active, however I fell into a sedentary lifestyle about 20 years ago after a severe flare of arthritis of the spine that forced me to quit working. I was depressed and in pain. I ate for comfort. Just about anything I did increased my pain level, so I did nothing. Needless to say I gained weight. When I found Spark the fall of 2006 I spent a few months exploring the site, reading articles, visiting teams and reading posts. I began to feel that I could try harder, that any activity would be better than nothing at all. I began my Spark program in January of 2007 and am so glad I did.

I don’t think that exercise has helped with my weight loss/maintenance efforts. The reason being that I cannot exercise long or hard due to chronic pain. When I first got serious in my Spark journey, 6 years ago, I could only exercise for 5 minutes at a time. Gradually I increased that, to 7”, then 10”. Then I added a second daily exercise session. I bought an elliptical and gradually increased my time to 10”, but have not been able to increase that time without increasing my pain level.

Even now, after exercising regularly for the past 6 years, I’m limited to 10” on the elliptical. Recently I added the gazelle to my workout and have been able to add 5” to my time by alternating between the two.

I can’t do any exercise that requires running, jogging, jumping, hopping, or sitting.
I do best with walking exercises – Leslie Sansone, elliptical, gazelle, Walk It Out Wii video, a George Foreman video, my “ABBA” walk (walking around the house to an ABBA cd), Wii tennis, and some strength exercises, all with modifications.

Why I keep exercising –
I believe that doing something, anything, is better than doing nothing, even if the way I exercise is not helping with my maintenance efforts.
Exercise gives me a sense of accomplishment, a feeling that I’m doing something positive for my health.
Helps ease some stiffness, as long as I don’t push it too much.
Makes me feel stronger.

I often feel I “must” exercise and force myself to do it, even if I’m having an off day. If I skip a scheduled exercise day for any reason, even pain, I feel like I have to make up for it.

New Exercise Maintenance Plan –

I’m going to change the way I think, from I “must” exercise to I “want” to exercise.
I’m going to do exercises I enjoy, not ones I feel I have to do.
I’m going to continue with my exercise schedule but if I miss a day for any reason I will not feel that I have to make it up.

I promise myself to continue this healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

Motivation got me started, habit keeps me going.

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