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An addition to that old saying: Feed AND exercise a cold!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Granted, exercise only works if your cold isn't really that severe, of course.

I've had a cold for the last several days and it's making me extra tired, but I still managed to go for a good LONG run on Friday and did a little yoga afterwards, and I went for a run today since it was so beautiful outside and I felt a bit less tired today. I also got in my strength-training, which I was *supposed* to do yesterday, but I was utterly exhausted yesterday from being sick and I was feeling kind of light-headed and didn't think lifting weights was a good idea. I kind of just wanted to lay around all day, but instead I dragged out the stationary bike and did an hour and a half on it, plus about 20 minutes of crunches afterwards. And even though I was exhausted later that evening, I did feel better for the exercise! :) Plus it was such a nice day that I felt really guilty for not going outside and biking or something outdoors, so it made me feel better to get at least *some* kind of exercise in.

At least it hasn't been a REALLY bad cold. Not too stuffy, not toooooo runny, not much of a sore throat; I've mostly just felt extra tired and had to blow my nose a whole lot. And I think that made my nasal passages swell because I'm having a hard time tasting stuff, which is kind of a shame because I made what should have been a REALLY delicious barley vegetable soup last night that I couldn't really taste, and I made chicken burgers with pineapple and ginger and Chinese five spice for dinner tonight and couldn't really taste much of that flavor either. Oh well. Since I was feeling a bit better today, I'm sure I can go back to properly enjoying my food in the next day or two. :)

Stay well, everybody!
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