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A Noisy NSV (Non-Scale Victory)

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Today is day 19 of my current streak!

As of today, there are only 9 days until Spring! A few weeks ago, I set a goal for myself, to be able to fit into a certain tee shirt by the first day of Spring. Well, with only 9 days to go, I have to admit that I'm going to fall short. The shirt is still too tight for me, and I know it won't fit me by the first day of Spring.

I can honestly say that I've given it my best effort...I've stayed on track with my eating, and I have exercised every day. So I can be proud of myself for that! And instead of being discouraged because I won't reach my goal in time, I am just extending the deadline! Easter is 20 days away...so perhaps if I keep working hard, the shirt will fit me by then. (And if not, I'll extend the deadline again, lol. My birthday is only 49 days away, so surely I'll be able to wear the shirt by then!)

In the past, if I had set a goal for myself and not reached it, I would have considered myself to be a failure. But not anymore! The only failure would be to quit trying, and I'm certainly not going to do that. It may take me longer to fit into that shirt than I had hoped for, but it WILL fit me eventually, as long as I continue to stay on plan with my eating and exercising.

Another thing about the past...when I would try to lose weight, I would focus solely on the scale. And when the scale got stuck (which always happens from time to time when you're losing weight, no matter how well you've been doing at staying on track) I would get really discouraged and want to quit. I never took time to pay attention to non-scale victories. I never paid attention to the changes in my body...how it looked, felt and moved. I would just get on that scale, and then live or die by the number. A good number meant that I would feel good about myself that day (and it also usually meant that I'd reward myself with food.) A bad number meant that I would be depressed and down on myself, so I'd have to console myself with food. It was always about the number on the scale. Thats why last March I decided to stop weighing myself. I got a starting weight, and then stayed off the scale until September. (And I haven't weighed myself again since then.)

I know that staying off the scale isn't for everyone, and I'm not trying to tell you that you should never weigh yourself. I'm just telling you what works for me. Even if you feel that you need to weigh in every day, though, I do think its important to look for NSV's. Don't let that number on the scale be the ONLY thing that matters, because if you do then you might miss out on some pretty awesome signs of progress.

This afternoon, I had a very cool NSV. I went to the store with my son, and as usual I parked at the furthest end of the parking lot. We went into the store and did our shopping. On the way out, as I was pushing the shopping cart to my car, I remembered something I'd read in someone's blog a few weeks ago. I don't remember whose blog it was (sorry) but she said that she had gone shopping, and as she was walking back to her car with the cart, she started jogging just because she could. I thought that was so beautiful! And as that blog came to my mind, I decided to jog too...just because I could! I grinned at my son and said "Come on, lets run!"

My son has autism and doesn't talk, and his understanding is limited, but he knew what I meant, and he got a huge smile on his face. And then we ran to the car, and the shopping cart was making all kinds of jangly noise and people were looking at us...but I didn't give a darn! I was actually laughing, and so was my son. We ran that cart all the way to the car, and I wasn't even winded! After we loaded the groceries into the car, we ran the shopping cart all the way back to the store, and I still wasn't winded. So then we jogged back to the car, lol. It felt GREAT!

And then when I started the car, one of my favorite songs was on the radio (No Rain, by Blind Melon) and I was just singing along and feeling so positive. As I was singing the song, I started thinking back to this time last year. Back then, I would park as close to the store as possible, and there would definitely be no running with the cart. I would limp into the store, and after doing my shopping I would limp back out, and then leave the cart in the cart corral instead of taking it back to the store. And I would be exhausted and out of breath. I wouldn't have been able to sing along with the radio, unless I sat for a few minutes to catch my breath first!

I am so amazed by the progress I've made. Not just the weight loss. Thats actually the least of it. What amazes me most is how healthy I am and how good I feel. How wonderful it is to be able to run...and breathe...and move...and to have so much energy and stamina. To be able to do a workout, and even when it gets hard, to know that if I struggle through it, I will get stronger. To be able to do yoga and to really feel an appreciation for my body and how flexible it has become.

This is why I don't weigh myself. A scale can only give me a number. And that number just cannot even begin to mean as much to me as all the wonderful NSV's I've had since last year. I wake up some days and I am just amazed at how good it feels to be healthy and fit and strong. I pray that I will never take this feeling for granted.

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