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The Dosha Quiz

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Your scores are Vata: 1 Pitta: 4 Kapha: 5
Based on your results, you are a KAPHA-PITTA:

Kapha Characteristics
Kapha is the principle of protection, nourishment, and stability. It is associated with the earth element. People with a predominance of Kapha in their nature tend to have a heavier frame, think, and move more leisurely, and are stable. When balanced, it creates calmness, sweetness, and loyalty. When excessive, Kapha can cause weight gain, congestion, and resistance to healthy change.

Kapha Characteristics
Mind: Detail orientated, steady, consistent
Body: Sturdy, gains weight easily, has trouble losing it
Skin: Smooth & oily
Hair: Thick, oily
Appetite: Loves to eat but has a slow digestion
Routine: Methodical and sturdy, resistant to change
Temperament: Thoughtful, forgiving, sweet, patient, loving, content, slow moving
Conversation Style: Simple and profound
Shopping Style: Saves
Stress Response: I don’t want to deal with it! Withdrawn
Pitta Characteristics
Pitta is the principle of transformation represented in our digestion of ideas, sensory experiences, emotions, and food. It is associated with the Fire element. People with a predominance of Pitta in their nature tend to be muscular, smart, and determined. If balanced, a Pitta is warm, intelligent, and a good leader. If out of balance, Pitta can make us critical, irritable, and aggressive.

Pitta Characteristics
Mind: Sharp, intellectual, direct, precise, discerning
Body: Medium build, warm, muscular
Skin: Sensitive, flush, acne-prone
Hair: Tendency towards early graying or thinning
Appetite: Strong, can eat just about anything, anytime
Routine: Very precise and organized
Temperament: Passionate, driven, courageous, strong sex drive, good leader
Conversation Style: Speaks to convey a point
Shopping Style: Spends on luxury items
Stress Response: Irritable, tendency to blame others.

Accumulated Kapha

Out of balance Kapha leads to heaviness, sluggishness and congestion. Stimulation and movement help overcome the resistance of accumulated Kapha. Think activation and invigoration. Here are some tips to maximize balance and well-being:

Take a yoga class to connect to your body and invoke your natural energy
Perform a vigorous daily self massage with Invigorating herbalized oil
Take deep breaths throughout the day
Favor spicy foods with a predominance of pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes
Walk 5-15 minutes after eating to aid digestion
Drink Invigorating Tea
Put your full attention on your meals when eating

Meditate twice a day to clear the mind and rejuvenate the body
Wear invigorating fragrances
Listen to up-beat sounds to invoke your natural energy
Organize the clutter in your environment – your outer world reflects your inner world
Awaken at sunrise and create an invigorating morning routine
Diffuse invigorating fragrances into your environment
Favor bright, strong, bold colors with vivid shapes and designs
Look for opportunities to be more spontaneous
Embrace uncertainty

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