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Parallels between staging my condo and my own self-care

Sunday, March 10, 2013

For the last month or so, my husband and I have been working on staging our condo to put it on the market.

First, we took a truckload of "stuff" down to our new home where we plan to retire and gave away or threw out even more "stuff". Just clearing out all the stuff make our condo feel so much lighter and more spacious...aahhh!

Next, we had some rooms painted that hadn't been painted in years. I hadn't realized how much my eyes had been drawn to the imperfections on the walls and ceilings and BASEBOARDS of those rooms until they were freshly painted. Now, when I walk in those rooms....they look brand new again......nice!

Also, in the process of getting things painted, we had to take everything off the walls and move the furniture to the center of each room. It gave us a chance to re-evaluate where we had hung pictures and placed furniture and look at everthing with a fresh perspective. Instead of putting things back where they were, we put on our "HGTV lenses" and created new furniture groupings. Paintings got moved to different rooms as did many pieces of furniture. It's amazing how much more nicer things look. Before, things had been added piecemeal to each room. Now, things hang together more and actually look inviting.

We haven't quite finished with our condo yet. There is still new carpet to be installed on the basement stairs and a couple bedrooms. Also, there are several inches of snow is on the ground outside, so we can't mulch our flowerbeds until it warms up. Even so, it's been both fun and eye opening to see such a transformation in our condo.

All that leads up to me thinking about why haven't we done this sooner? Why did we live in a hodge-podge of furniture, worn carpet, dirty walls etc. ? Honestly, our place wasn't a pig sty by any stretch of the imagination, but certain aspects of our condo made me cringe whenever I looked at them. Why did I put up with that?

I think the answer is multi-fold. Part of it is that things like worn carpets and dirty walls come on gradually and I became immune to the slow decline. Part of it is that we knew for several years that we would be selling the place, so we put off making improvements so things would be "fresh" for putting the condo on the market. Lastly, part of it was just getting the motivation to really dig in and get rid of a lot of unneeded "stuff". Stuff that seemed important at one time, but no longer added value to our lives.

Hindsight tells me that it would have been so much more enjoyable to live here had I done many of the things I'm doing now several years ago. DUH! Instead of doing all the things we have done to the condo to make it look beautiful for other people to see....just think about how much more pleasant it would have been to live in a freshly painted, decluttered, nicely arranged living space for the past few years! In other words, instead of sprucing up the condo to impress potential buyers, doing these things for ourselves, simply because we are worth it.

This morning, I was thinking about what a huge parallel there is between the care of my condo and the care of myself. Is my motivation to be trim to impress others? Or is it simply because I think I'm worth it? I am so aware today that the more I'm motived by the sense of self-worth and the less I'm motivated by impressing others the more enjoyable self-care becomes.

So this morning, I'm reminding myself of how it makes me smile when I of how much better I feel about myself when I am taking good care of myself. I'm reminding myself of how I love the feeling I have when I wake up in the morning in a body that is fit, well-groomed and in peak condition. I'm reminding myself of how I enjoy it when I can look at myself naked in a mirror and like what I see. Those are all good feelings that have nothing to do with impressing anyone else and have everything to do with my own sense of self-worth. The more I focus on those feelings and those motives for self-care, the more contented I am. My life is more pleasant. I am a happier person.

I have a tendency to slide away from fitness over the winter and like my condo...I've allowed myself to become a bit of a mess. The good news is that like my condo, I can make some changes here and there to be in much better shape. Not to impress others, but to bring joy to myself. It's all there for the taking. I just need to do it, and I know from past experience that I can!

I love that spring is just around the corner here, the snow is melting and it's easier to get outside for walks, runs and bicycle riding.

Life is good and I plan to take full advantage of it today by taking good care of myself. I plan to do it not to impress anyone else, but just for the sheer joy of it.


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  • MISSG180
    SO TRUE! What a great insight.
    1802 days ago
    Great insight. I'll carry it with me as I re-start Sparking. emoticon
    1803 days ago
    I just LOVE the way that you write descriptive and so friendly and we are just chatting over a cup of tea. Notice I said tea instead of coffee...I dumped that all out addiction overnight when I went through my little health scare 3/1/13. Amazing how we can cast aside bad habits in a moment's notice if we really are motivated to do so.

    I haven't had a sip since. I'm a tea girl for now.

    I LOVE what you did with the should have posted before and after pics....seriously that would have been primo!

    I think you put this project off because you were so distracted with your dad and other life obligations...the important thing is it's done..and now YOU get to enjoy!

    You've inspired me girlfriend...I'm looking for lighter happier surroundings too...I have SO much's beyond ridiculous...but I know...just the place to unload it! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    Also I hope everyone that told you they liked your blog checked the "I LIKE" box this one SHOULD be recognized! emoticon
    1805 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/11/2013 12:10:12 PM
    I'm with you...Great blog
    1805 days ago
    Great blog!
    I think you hit the nail on the head. Like so much in our lives, these things happened over time and you just didn't notice as you were busy living life!

    I hope that you'll do the same process at your new place. You are worth it! emoticon emoticon
    1806 days ago
    Wonderful blog!
    1806 days ago
    Wow this is a great blog! emoticon

    I never realized what self care is in terms of " condo soul" and yourself. emoticon
    Before it sound like you and condo may have been unhappy and let the clutter/ improvements of the condo on hold emoticon
    When you began to do selfcare on yourself later on you realized the condo " need some LOVE" to make the place new and gain a different outlook sunnier side of life!!! Good luck getting your new place... emoticon emoticon emoticon dolly from the northeast emoticon

    1806 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/10/2013 11:12:15 AM
  • SHRINK71
    I totally agree... Great blog!
    1806 days ago
    I like your blog because you reminded me of how important it is to "stage our homes" every so often for ourselves!! I will be moving soon and your blog reminds me of taking care of my new place better. Like you, it is not that my place is horrible but seeing with new eyes is really a treasure. Good luck selling your place. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon Chelsea
    1806 days ago
    I liked this blog a lot! Life is indeed good; thanks for writing this!!
    1806 days ago
    Spring does have a way of getting us to look at things in a new light, good for you for sprucing up your condo, and enjoying it now, and then seeing the parallels to your self-care.
    1806 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1806 days ago
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