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Saturday was a very nice day at our house.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

This morning DH decided he needed to go back to bed. I wanted to do some exercise. I went down to my little gym and did ST videos with Coach Nicole.
I loved getting the ST in. I guess that is my solution. Do it first. I was hoping someone would ask me to walk on the rail trail.


My DH wanted to try to take a long walk. I was there with him in a heartbeat. We both had our cell phones. I walk faster and he walked till he felt he must turn back. I walked to the ONE mile marker and walked back I just about caught up with him in the car park. He had walked a MILE and a Half and he was delighted.

We stopped to see friends we had not seen for a while and we drank tea and chatted for a long time. They wanted to go to a movie but I still had lots to do. They eat out but I am not eating out much and I like it that way.

I fixed DH and my dinner and I decided he had no scones in the freezer so I took out the recipes I was about to bake along with roasting some almonds and walnuts and the phone rang. It was our DIL in Las Vegas we talked for a very long time and eventually she said why are we talking this way we can Skype. I had not done it in a very long time. Our 10 year old DGD talked me through it and I let her remind me of every step.
As soon as I looked I did remember but she was so loving teaching me and since I have not seen her in three years I just could not wait to see how she had grown.
She told me about her Tae Kwon Do and she stood up and showed me her kicks. She kicked towards the camera and I yelled "YOU GOT ME" as she kicked she loved that game.

DH came down and announced he had switched off the oven and put the salmon loaf in the Fridge . It was for tomorrow anyway.
Tomorrow my day is planned. I must bake DH his scones and have a big baking day.

My day was another Super surprise but I have not had time to get back to my friends Pat in Maine. Thanks to all of you for responding to my
Blois I appreciate knowing you all. Spark Friends.

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