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Another WOOHOOO!!!

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Man, my woo hoo jar is actually getting some action finally!!! I got to 227 officially and significantly under 230. And I have been wanting to change jobs for years....and on thursday I applied at some places had an interview at ace hardware and I just got the call today that I got the job!!! YAY only two more weeks at my old job and then I'm moving on! Finally AND after I'm there for a year this new job has some medical benefits, vacation, any merchandise at cost for me and my family, and 401k! All things that I never thought I'd have especially with our current economical situation! Ahhhh I seriously am still scared...I've been at my store for so long and now its like starting over, but I am SO excited about the different environment.
My current job is at a grocery store, we don't accept credit or debit cards, and have to deal with angry customers because of that all the time, we also don't have scanners....thats right....we have to sticker price every single item in the store....in a FULLY STOCKED GROCERY STORE. Also at most grocery stores the customers unload their own carts, not here..... the cashiers unload and ring up every item, so the repetitive motion of your left arm pulling everything out of the cart while being bent over and then typing in every item and dollar amount.This is an actual grocery store yes! Meat dept, produce, freezer grocery general merchandise non-food grocery beer wine bakery and deli.....It is filled with drama and stress and I'm not fully appreciated or compensated according to everything I do.
It is going to be amazing working at a place that doesn't sell food! No food stamp cards anymore, no unloading carts no typing in every item. I will have a little gun to scan everything how cool is that, I think I will feel like I'm doing something wrong or slacking off when I don't have to deal with all this extra junk!!!! YAY. The only thing is Ryan works at the grocery store too.....and he's so happy I'm finally leaving...but he is NOT at all excited about having to deal with all the current stuff there without me.....and having one less hard worker there, he is stressing already.....I feel bad but I know that this will help him to gain his voice there and not take so much crap from people and to get the problem people in gear.
Ah Im so excited that these will be the last two weeks I have to deal with it all!
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