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Friday night

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Well, wasn't that a week! Besides everything I've already blogged about, on Tuesday my department decorated up my desk for my birthday and gave me a few presents. I got a potted begonia that I'm praying I can keep alive. I have a black thumb -- plants take one look at me and curl up! One department mate is a terrific baker and she made a dark chocolate cake from a Weight Watchers recipe. She even told me it was six Points per slice! It was also freakin' delicious. Another co-worker gave me a bar of 86% dark chocolate. It breaks into eight squares, and each square is two Points. I'll have one square a day until it's gone. Thursday the boss told us there was another conference call we had to be in on. But when we dialed in, the moderator told us we weren't invited, that it was just for managers! Can you hear how heartbroken I sound?

I came home the other night to yet another note from the landlord. They're doing annual inspections in two weeks. If your smoke detector is missing the battery, it's a $5 fine. If the detector is just plain missing, it's a $30 fine. You get the idea. Well, that gives me some more incentive and plenty of time to get the place the rest of the way cleaned up.

I lost one pound this week and I'm fighting knee-jerk disappointment. I know weight varies from week to week, but it would have been so nice to lose a little more! People have asked me about goals and rewards. The only goal I have at the moment is for when I go below 350, about 56 pounds from now. I'm buying myself my very own chef coat! I'm even planning a little embellishment -- I'm going to have "Yes Chef!" embroidered above the pocket. Although I might rethink that -- as Alton Brown once said, "I've worked in enough kitchens to know what 'yes Chef' REALLY means."

I am so looking forward to a little relaxing tomorrow morning! First thing FN is rerunning a special -- Bobby's Ireland. Bobby and Ireland -- it's almost like they knew I'd be watching. Watching my honey in the home of my heart -- if I can't have the reality, at least I can have sweet dreams over hot coffee!
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