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balancing my life again

Saturday, March 09, 2013

I steer off my balanced life course sometimes and then it takes me about a week to get back on track again. My house has been a mess, I was behind at work, my kitchen was oozing with dishes to wash, and I had 19 voicemail messages waiting for me :) I don't like getting off track like this but I guess because I already have the tools in place in my life, it is easier for me to get my life back on track.

Today I caught a lot of work up at work, I cleaned my kitchen, and took the blankets down to the car to wash tomorrow. It's smelling like spring so I opened up the windows and let the place air out while I was gone. I love spring weather and the smells too. This weekend I'm going to plant some flowers and clean my deck before springtime is here. I waited too long last year and I don't want to wait again. I'm trying to learn about flowers and plants a little. Two years ago I planted some flowers from seeds and I was so proud of myself when they bloomed a summer ago. I'd like to garden but I live in an apartment so flowers and plants are doable.

I must have balance!

SOCIAL: I try to call one person a day or go out once a day socially
EMOTIONAL: I've been terrible about writing in my journal but I do this for emotional health. Either write here or on my offline journal. Also, talking with others and I sometimes go to counseling.
PHYSICAL: I used to attend the gym at least twice a week but I've been going through some tough times and my exercise routine has really suffered. I went to kickboxing on Thursday for only 15 minutes but I'm proud that I was there that long. Tomorrow I plan to try kickboxing again and hopefully I feel better. If kickboxing doesnt work, I'm thinking of taking up jogging again or jogging in addition to kickboxing. I rode my bike a week or so ago but it was stolen today :( I'll have to get another one or just stick to hiking or jogging until I buy a house. It's hard to bring the bike up and down the stairs and it gets in the way on the porch because I like to do my plants and my compost bin.
SPIRITUAL: I attend church once a week at least. I have been slack on reading the Bible lately but I have been getting it back into my daily routine again the last few days.
INTELLECTUAL: I think I lack here a lot because I don't read enough nor engage enough in intellectual pursuits. I would like to do more of this. I'm going to a book club this weekend so hopefully this will help.
FINANCIAL: I keep a budget and I've been doing really good with my money. I'm quite proud of myself whereas a few years ago I was also overdrawing my bank accounts. woooot! I love having money lying around when I need it or when I want to take a trip spur of the moment.
CAREER: I work 30 hours a week and I like my job so far. I think it will be boring after a year or so but I already have plans to open a thrift store. Once my balance resumes, I can start my thrift store pursuit again. I have half a business plan and a lot of my ideas written in documents in my computer.
FAMILY: I dont call my family enough but I think I hear from some family member about once a week or so. Via facebook, for sure once a week. I love facebook!

So, weight wise I'm still down about 80 or so pounds from my top weight. I'm looking thinner but because I'm not doing exercise, I've noticed that my trim figure is now flabby and fat looking. At 240 I can almost look good, if I'm exercising, but since I'm not, my hips are too fat and I just lack that trim apperance that I'm used to seeing when I look in the mirror. Also, my poor muscles are lacking and I can tell a HUGE difference in them. Looking forward to getting back on track with exercise!

Eating wise... I'm eating pretty well. I had a period of fast food but that got old quick. As well, a coffee a day but that also got old too. I had a delicious banana and apple smothie last night. Divine. I love fruit smoothies. Probably once of my most favorite things to eat/drink. I also had a salad topped with fresh cilantro which is have growing in my kitchen window. So neat to eat homegrown fruits and veggies!

Okay, onward bound! I'm more about health than weight loss but I would love to weigh 200 pounds again. I loved how things fit and how I looked.

Have a great weekend, Noel
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