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Day 188, Loving Myself Healthy... still coughing but moving along

Friday, March 08, 2013

Today was a pretty good day. I woke up coughing worse again so got a substitute for my classes. I probably over-did it teaching 3 classes yesterday. This cough is really driving me crazy, not to mention making me go through clothes like Grant went through Richmond.. and you know what I mean! Grrr.
I did call the doctor to make an appointment.. and they can see me APRIL 12th! Apparently everyone in town is sick. Oh well, by then I'll have some new cooties for her to check out and honestly I found a lump that needs to be checked out no matter what, so I took the appointment.

No pool or exercise for me today but I did have a nice lunch with my friend Sandra. We wanted to try this salad that a bunch of our friends have been raving about and I must say, it was awesome. We did make the commitment to one another that... assuming I am better next week... we will get back into the Nautilus room for Strength training on Mon/Wed/Fri together and that we are committed to only eating out 1 day per week. I find that my weight loss is always better if I don't eat restaurant food... even if I make wise & healthy choices.

Didn't have to babysit the girls today but I did have to take care of the dogs. My son & his kids went with me and we had a great time together. Rarely do the four of us get to do anything together so it was a treat. We had a nice dinner together too. DH & DIL were both working this afternoon & evening so it was just Grandmama, daddy and the kids. What a good time we all had.

Tomorrow I have no choice.. sick or not I MUST teach swim lessons. I have to be in the pool by 8:45am. I need to run to Collinsville to let the dogs out first and then off to the pool. I teach for 2 hours in the morning.. then back to let the dogs out.... back to the pool at 3pm to teach 2 more hours... then back to feed & let the dogs out... then I can go home. My son & his wife will do the night time let the dogs out project... as a matter of fact, that is where they are now! LOL I think that the 4 of them are going to a movie tomorrow. Paul is off work so I am hoping that he'll get some organizing done here in our room. It's been a disaster ever since we moved it around for the new bed. (Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE the new bed?)

Today I've done a lot of sparking. I am the leader of the Lovely Limes BLC team. I have to say that this group of folks are really wonderful. I've been here on SparkPeople for almost 4 years. I have been a leader on several teams. I enjoy all of my teams but this is just a special group. They have won my heart. I have such a good time working with them. We have some new & fun games on the team and have been having a good time with them. They are all chatting one another up and really getting into the groove. While I certainly hope that we prove to be #1 in the Spring Challenge... it doesn't matter where we place because in my heart I know that these Team Family Members are #1 in Spirit and that's more important than anything else. I love how they motivate, inspire and encourage one another. It really IS a FAMILY and I am so grateful to be a part of it. It helps that I have two awesome co-leaders and that many of the team members are already friends.... but BOY AM I BLESSED!!!! GO LOVELY LIMES!

Well, I've blabbed along enough. I'm tired and I have a lot to do before bed. Bright blessings to you all.... Dawn
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