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Friday, March 08, 2013

Well the house is clean. Its so clean I don't want to touch anything! The realtor is making the listing live on Monday, so from then on its going to be hopefully sold quickly and viewed by a ton of people. I practiced cleaning today before I went to work. The bathroom is spotless. The kitchen is spotless, heck everything is. So I'll get at least 5-10 minutes of cleaning in every morning before I leave for work and that basically counts as some "exercise" if I rush right? ;-)

Otherwise, my mom took my pups away yesterday :-( I need to focus on thesis writing and keeping the house clean, so its just one less thing for me to worry about if they aren't here... But not having a dog to cuddle, or realizing this morning that I made too many eggs cause the dogs aren't here to clean the plate, oh and the fact that I actually have to clean my plate myself, lol.

So yea. That's gonna suck. Hopefully I'll be more focused on working if the house is so clean and empty.

In other news, my weight is up, but I feel great. I don't feel fat. I think my clothes look good, its just annoying that the scale doesn't seem to realize that I am awesome.

I finally have my treadmill set up again. Still haven't used it yet. I've been too busy! Tuesday I only had 26 minutes of activity according to my Body Media armband, but I burned over 2600 calories that day. Then Wednesday I had 57 minutes of activity but only burned 2200 calories that day. So its weird. I was non-stop moving and burned more calories on Tuesday but not "fast" enough for the armband to track it, then Wednesday I was walking for longer (to and from the bookstore) but my METs that day weren't as high, so I burned less. Oh well. I've gotten lazy about tracking my fitness minutes, I just let the armband do it for me ;-)

In arm news -- it is healing. I saw the doc on Wednesday and he burned me with some silver nitrate. It was seriously gross. I had a nodule that was preventing the skin from healing on one side... so we chemically burned it off. Basically turned it into elephant skin that fell off. For the first time I was even grossed out! It hurt a little bit once it was over, and more once it fell off. I have to go back in less than 2 hours and do it again. *soooo not excited BUT it is closing so I will do whatever it takes to finish this sucker up so that I can get on with my life.

AND now I'll get back to doing what I'm supposed to be doing... my thesis writing and making my powerpoint presentation for my committee meeting on Tuesday *eep!
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