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Friday, March 08, 2013

Ah, an interesting quality and one in which I am lacking. Fortitude involves the courage to keep trying even when you've filleted your flat and you can't find your mojo.

And when things you can't control get in the way.

Take this week. This week I was planning to start a gym streak. The weather's warmed up a bit, spring is here in a washed out and feeble sort of way, and so far 10 people have mentioned how nice my new dress looks on me (I've put notches on my desk at work. No I haven't but for a minute you thought I had didn't you? I actually have a little tally going on a post-it note. In my head).

Getting back to what I was supposed to be talking about, I have enough stuff to feel motivated about, and then guess what happened at work yesterday morning? I started to go down with a cold.

'Oh what fresh hell is this?' I said to myself, in Dorothy Parker mode.

Felt increasingly grotty, got home, mooched around, went to bed early, slept badly, woke up at 3am with my right nostril stuck to the pillow with . . . sorry that really WOULD be too much information wouldn't it? Bleugh bleugh blah. Drifted back to sleep, woke up at 5.15am, reached for trashy novel, dozed, woke up at 6.45am, reached for Laptop, logged on to see if I've got a new popular blog award and I haven't and if you think I don't care about not getting one you're mistaken, tried reading the Guardian website
but too much like hard work switched off Laptop and mooched for 15 minutes.

And remembered that the SparkJourney thing is lifelong, it's about what you do every hour of every day, it's not about short-term goals it's about the bigger picture. So no good lying around in bed and saying 'I'm going to go down to Tesco's and buy myself a binge cos I feel lousy and I had plans for today.' There'll be plenty of other days when I don't feel very Sparkly and it's no good using a cold as an excuse to eat junk. There'll always be an excuse to eat junk if you want one and I've been doing a lot of that recently.

So I got up and made healthy low calorie porridge for breakfast and ate two-thirds of it.

Just off to scrape the other third off the inside of the microwave.

Speak soon.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
BRENDAGAIL9 3/8/2013 5:37PM

    I hope you get over your cold quickly and back to your normal self. No fun being sick. A big pot of chicken soup is in order.

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MAMAOWLS 3/8/2013 5:16PM

    Sorry your not feeling well. emoticon
I hope your cold goes away soon. Great Job on not buying a binge. I wish I could say the same thing. I just bought a little sugar free lemon pie and ate it. It was only 310 calories but now I won't be able to have my snack before bed time without going over calories. That's what I get for taking a day off work and going shopping.

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JENAE954 3/8/2013 4:54PM

  Feel better soon.
emoticon emoticon

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SJKENT1 3/8/2013 4:37PM

    I love this, "I don't feel very Sparkly". Yes I can relate to that. Good thing that the Spark is inside!!!

You can't help but be sparkly -- shine on girl!!

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KARENLEIGH32 3/8/2013 4:21PM

    Please feel better soon! A cold is nothing to sneeze at (sorry couldn't resist!), you need to make sure you get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water. Eating chicken soup doesn't hurt either!

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LINDAK25 3/8/2013 4:20PM

    Oh, poor you. By the way, you did get a popular blog post award. Congratulations!

Isn't it nice to have a clean microwave? : )

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KAREN608 3/8/2013 4:15PM

    We watch the oatmeal in the microwave, staring at it is our morning pass time. We do not like to clean the microwave any more than necessary. A watched bowl can boil over. Who knew.

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LUVTOBOWL 3/8/2013 3:27PM

    I agree, "the spark journey is lifelong".

Have a great weekend.


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610PEACH 3/8/2013 2:31PM

    Yeah, that whole "feed a cold" thing--gets me every time. Oh, but this taco will make my cold go away so much faster.... Hope you're up and running soon!

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NITTINNANA 3/8/2013 2:30PM

    Here's to getting your Spark back ASAP!

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LADYKATHLEEN5 3/8/2013 2:27PM

  Good for you !!
Hope that you feel better soon.
You are such a wondeful writer & I enjoy yourblogs so much.

Comment edited on: 3/8/2013 2:30:14 PM

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FROMNDTOGA 3/8/2013 2:26PM

    "There'll always be an excuse to eat junk, if you want one." Probably the truest statement I've read in a long time.
Hope you get well soon.

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MARYJEANSL 3/8/2013 2:14PM

  I hope you do feel much better soon. No fun at all having a cold!

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123456789100 3/8/2013 1:35PM

    I'm sorry you are feeling so poorly. I love reading your writings!
I think I'm trying to come down with something today too :(
Hope you feel better soon!

Rest up!
Theresa (IstraLouise)

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KAYYAK1 3/8/2013 1:31PM

  Hope you are feeling better. I can't wait to go on another virtual walk with you. You have such a wonderful gift of writing.

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    Except for the cold I am so with you on the wanting to stuff my face when I feel down. I wish I could replace that response mechanism with something productive. Especially nasty and sneaky cold germs out there. Take care.

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CINDYSDAY 3/8/2013 11:34AM

    emoticon emoticon

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LYNSEY723 3/8/2013 11:21AM

    Great blog! Way to turn your thoughts around! emoticon

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LOOKINGUP2012 3/8/2013 11:11AM

    emoticon emoticon I do that oatmeal thing in the microwave sometimes too! Oh well it needs to be cleaned good once in a while. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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    Hope you feel better soon!!

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DR1939 3/8/2013 11:03AM


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NILLAPEPSI 3/8/2013 10:57AM

    Hope you find your mojo soon. Here's some "spring" to lighten your mood. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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NOTSPEEDY 3/8/2013 10:52AM

    Sorry you're not feeling good. I can just see you cleaning the microwave. Been there, done that. Take care of yourself.

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SUZYMOBILE 3/8/2013 10:50AM

    And good for you, actually sitting up and DOING stuff when you can't sleep! Even a trashy novel is better than fruitless tossing and turning.

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PATTISTAMPS 3/8/2013 10:44AM

    You are so FUNNY today! Evidently, your humor feeds on colds... LOL. I am sorry you are feeling poorly, and hope you feel better soon. In the meantime, feed the scraped off porridge to the birds or the cat, and have some nice chicken soup and a trashy novel!

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MARITIMER3 3/8/2013 10:40AM

    You've got it! We do this program day-by-day... some days we want to do it, other days we force ourselves to do it... and some days we simply don't do it (but not too many of those days, I hope)... but it's really about the rest of our lives... years and years, hopefully.

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    Sorry you are feeling poorly.
As to the inside of your microwave oven.
I purchased a plastic gizmo/thingy that is bigger than a dinner plate & about 2-inches high with little air vents around the outside edge. You pop it over what you are cooking in the oven like a cake cover/ upside down pie-pan.
When what you are heating/cooking explodes... it is contained !!!
It is one of my better investments!!
It is snowing in my little corner of the world this morning. The weatherman is threatening us with 1 to 3 inches of those darling ice crystals.
Soon it will be "Daffodil Season"... Yea! Rah-rah my team!!

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LYNCHD05 3/8/2013 10:05AM

    You still have a great sense of humour even when you feel lousy. Thanks for the morning chuckle! And I hope you feel better soon.

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MRS.DOYLE 3/8/2013 10:00AM

    That last bit about the porridge decorating your microwave made me laugh. I must be evil.

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JACKIE542 3/8/2013 9:25AM


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GABY1948 3/8/2013 9:20AM

    I LOVED this so descriptive blog! Laughed out TWICE...but seriously, I do hope you feel better soon! emoticon

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CBRINKLEY401 3/8/2013 9:15AM

    I had the same thing. The first full day of the cold is the worst - no energy and your head feels as if it weighs twice as much as normal. Difficult to think, everything is fuzzy, can't concentrate. Good for you in continuing to eat healthy. Rest a couple of days and you will be ready to get back to the gym.
Take care.

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AUSFAM 3/8/2013 9:09AM

    I needed this blog---feeling subpar myself! Get well soon!

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BKNOCK 3/8/2013 9:07AM

    I hope you are soon feeling better. Thanks for the morning laugh! emoticon

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LYNNWILK2 3/8/2013 9:05AM

    OHhhhh, I do hope you feel better.
And getting a "popular blog post" is a huge honor.
You give a great deal in your blogs and I love reading them, can take your walk virtually with you, and that is what makes them so popular.
Keep going, step away from the junk food and I hope the porridge comes off the microwave easily and you are able to get some real rest today.

Feel better, I always look forward to reading what you care to share.

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SMITCH4206 3/8/2013 8:13AM

    I just had to get back on track from my own fail at the fortitude walk. The office-place cold was my downfall. Wish I'd had this bit of motivation three weeks ago. I'll remember though for next time.

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ANGIEN9 3/8/2013 7:59AM


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MILLEDGE2 3/8/2013 7:29AM

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery! And I'm waving my magic wand to send FORTITUDE your way!

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TDEMAIO2 3/8/2013 7:01AM

    emoticon Sorry you not feeling well : ( listen to your body get some rest emoticon this is one of the valley in the journey once your better the streak can continue emoticon but for now rest!

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LEANMEAN2 3/8/2013 6:39AM

    I really know how you feel.
I had been lax in my daily exercise. (Actually it had become: just once or twice a week)
Then I came down with for want of a better name "The Crud". With it came the "cough from hell". There was no way I could exercise; my stomach muscles hurt from all the coughing.
So most of the month of February, I did nothing but cough!
I am finally over most of that and have started exercising again but in the meantime, my muscles got so stiff, it was as though I had never been active nor flexible.
I have doubled down on my exercise days and am slowly improving.
I hope you're beginning to feel as much better as I am.

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DOVESEYES 3/8/2013 6:28AM

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MARYBETH4884 3/8/2013 6:01AM

    Hope you feel better so! Life does tend to have it's ups and downs. And your right, this is a lifetime journey and we'll be here with support for the whole time! Feel better!!

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EOWYNRUSS 3/8/2013 5:37AM

    You poor thing! Another cold, how unfair! Now that I've sympathized with you, I must say this: do it anyway. Haul your suffering nose out of the house and go to the gym. You don't have to work hard, you definitely don't have to like it, you just have to get moving enough that you can go home satisfied that you fought the good fight and won. Then, you can hide under the covers until tomorrow, when you get to do it all again. You don't want to give the kitties a reason to mock you, do you?

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NEW-CAZ 3/8/2013 5:36AM


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MARYJOANNA 3/8/2013 5:34AM

  What is that saying, "The best laid plans of mice and men?"

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LECATES 3/8/2013 5:30AM

    Hope you feel better--and good for you in forgoing the goodies in favor or porridge.

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RAINBOWCHOC 3/8/2013 4:52AM

    don't I remember somebody vowing not to make another blog post? Now here you are admitting how much you love blogging! You should start a bloggers anonymous group!

Hope your w/e improves with added vitamin C and some sunshine. Maybe get some holiday brochures and stick the pictures on the windows so you are looking at sunshine even if it's raining. We Brits have to be resourseful.

Eat wisely, bugs love junk food.

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COCK-ROBIN 3/8/2013 4:26AM


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JANETTEB553 3/8/2013 4:07AM

    emoticon emoticon

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