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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Today’s blog is inspired by CGG111! Yesterday on my blog you commented “what happens when you get to your goal?”

I’ve decided to make my goal a journey. There will always be something more to strive for. First getting rid of this weight I put back on. Then I could improve my muscle tone. Or I could work on getting a better time on my 5K’s. I could run a 10K or 15k. Train for a half-marathon. Hike up one of the Colorado Rockies. There are probably a million other things I could, and would love to, do!
I think, now this is my opinion, that we start “playing not to lose” when we don’t have a goal to strive for. I will always have a goal to work towards, always a new challenge around the bend. Then I’m playing to win!

The next question asked “What happens when you are the super-motivated one?”

I’ve never seen myself as the “super-motivated” one, so I don’t know. I just do what I feel is right, try to do what I need to, and share what I can with those around me. Motivation, to me, comes from within. It is a drive, a hunger that you can either choose to feed or starve. There are times mine is gorged and times mine is quite starved, but it is always by my choice. If I inspire someone – TERRIFIC! If by that inspiration they feed their motivation I am ecstatic! However, I can’t create the motivation for anyone other than me. IF I could, no one I know would be less than the energized bunny!

Final question “Who do you look to?”

I’m guessing you are looking for my inspirations? Well, a lot of that would come from all of you – my Spark friends. I see you all striving and working to make your lives and bodies better. And I know I can do it too! I actually have things I admire or that inspire me from almost all of you that are on my friends list. And I’ll be honest, those I don’t’ – I just don’t know you that well yet!! I think we can learn for everyone we meet if we are willing to learn. I look at those around me, I mimic those I admire and do the opposite of those I don’t. I have some heroes that I have blogged about in the past but those are just points of reference for my life. I hope that made sense?!?

Warm Wag and Happy Snuffles everyone!
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