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Needing some Pregnancy Food Advice!!!

Thursday, March 07, 2013

HELP!!!! I'm starving and I can't get enough to eat! In the last few days, my body has done this wicked transition. I am hungry. All. The. Time. I'm ravenous in the mornings, by the time lunch rolls around, I feel paralyzed by hunger, and sometimes, even after a nutritious dinner, I go to bed hungry. emoticon I have continued on with my original plan of small healthy meals through the day. I'm using everything I have learned on sparkpeople. Everything I have read about pregnancy is "don't pig out.." or "just have some crackers by your side..." Sorry but that just ain't cuttin it! I think my baby must be a future linebacker or something, because there just isn't enough food on this earth to keep my stomach from roaring! The hunger pangs are sometimes so intense, I double over!!! I don't want to gain a ton of weight in this pregnancy, and I FEEL like I'm eating way too much. Any suggestions? Should I take in more protein? Am I NORMAL!? emoticon
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BETHS60 3/20/2013 10:21AM

    I remember those days. I remember making an omelet, but being sooooo hungry that I couldn't wait the 3 minutes for it to finish cooking, and ate 1/3 of a package of oreos.

My go to food was yogurt. Sometimes I had up to 3 8 oz cartons of yogurt in a day. I could get it from the vending machines at work, so it was really easy. I would walk into meetings 2 minutes late, with a carton of yogurt in my hand, and everyone would roll their eyes.

The other thing I did was get cases of V8 juice single serving cans at the warehouse club, so I always had one handy. It's high in sodium, but there may be a lower sodium variety available by now.

Now, my g0 to food is raw almonds. They are really good. The idea that I had yesterday was to package them in measured amounts so that I would know how much I was getting, rather than just grabbing a handful from the bag. Raw nuts I think would be a better alternative nutritionally than crackers.

Make sure that you are getting enough leafy greens. The phytonutrients can help signal your body that it isn't hungry any more.

Be careful not to starve yourself. Use the nutrition tracker, and look at all of your nutrients, not just the calories and fat. And get some advice from a professional on how many calories you should be providing for your baby.

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A1KAYOS 3/8/2013 5:13PM

    Love, Love, Love all of Kathy's suggestions!!! She took the words right out of my mouth (as she always seems too - lol!).

I would also suggest higher amounts of protein and fiber during your meals; as both of these take longer to digest and thus making you feel fuller longer. Also try increasing your water may just be a sign you want more water and not food!!!

Hope the suggestions everyone is offering you help you out!!

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DRASADAF 3/8/2013 6:58AM

    I think you must eat whole grains ,pulses, and munch on veggies such as carrots,cucumber on and off,have less sweets ,rest more, and sometimes just listen to your body,maybe u r actually hungry,,u just cant starve while u r pregnant,should consume 2550 cals per day..use the tracker and stay fit..try yoghurts,skimmed milk,smoothies.Dont be too tough on natural foods.

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KBRADFORD88 3/7/2013 6:18PM

    After four kids...and all different pregnancies...I would recommend this...if you can
Do not eat sugar for your pregnancy...not any..I did this with 2 of mine and felt the best and lost the weight.
Stop counting calories IF you can eat whole food and not junk or packaged food. Nobody gets fat on fruits and veggies. also, I was advised to up my protein. Supposedly this helps with toxemia and other issues. Good fats are important.
so to summarize
1. Cut out sugar
2. Eat more fruits and veggies
3. Eat more protein (boiled eggs, milk, yogurt)
You need about 100-150 extra calories 2 times a day. This can be peanut butter other nut butters with fruit....Good luck
And go with how tired you are for activity but ignore that yelling crazy hungry got to have Krispy Kreme

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BLUE42DOWN 3/7/2013 5:17PM

    If you're still trying to eat in the same range you've got set to lose weight now that you're pregnant, that may legitimately not be enough. While "feeding two" isn't an excuse to pig out, your body needs enough nourishment to provide the proper room and board for the little one, not just feed him or her. In addition, what you normally eat may not meet all the same nutrition requirements that you have when pregnant -- such as more iron.

Have you already checked out SP's sister site for expectant mothers --

While I'm not pregnant or planning to be, I do believe that we should listen to our body's hunger signals. We just can't turn them into a free pass to eat junk. In other words, eat when you're hungry, but eat a snack with lean protein and healthy carbs and heart-healthy fats in a reasonable portion.

Also, do mention it to your doctor to be sure there aren't other possibilities. Some women do go through gestational diabetes, and a symptom of diabetes can be increase hunger.

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SAASHA17 3/7/2013 1:12PM

Mind u im not pregnant yet..but kind of prepping myself for it!!
So I read a lot about it and seems like u can stay full by eating nuts...greens and lots of almond milk and basically less processed means u can eat more and not gain weight..

i wud suggest following some nutrition tips from paleo, primal websites...and dont shirk away from good fats!!

good luck!!

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