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Lost Motivation Tricks (A&I BSG Luck Charms WK1)

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My assignment: what have you found that has worked to get your motivation back once you've lost it?

Iíve talked about this before, but Iím dense enough I can ďtrickĒ myself into exercising, and (less often) into making better food choices.

When I donít feel like exercising, I tell myself, ďAll you have to do is change your clothes and then do 5 minutes.Ē I change my clothes and I feel more like exercising most of the time. Sometimes I have to do a little more. Then I tell myself all I have to do is unroll my yoga mat and get out my weights, then just do my two PT exercises. I always feel like doing it all once I get started. If Iím trying to get myself to run, I tell myself all I have to do after I change into my running clothes is to go outside. I feel pretty stupid just standing on the sidewalk in my running clothes, so I start running. And even if I have to tell myself I can go very slowly, most of the time after a few yards I feel like going my usual pace.

The food thing is harder for me. Sometimes when I want to eat something that will push me out of my calorie range or make my carb/fat/protein levels out of balance, I tell myself I can think about it more after Iíve had a glass of water or cup of herb tea. Waiting usually works. I wish I remembered this ďtrickĒ more frequently, because sometimes I realize only after the fact that I could have done that to help avoid poor choices.

For longer-term losses of motivation (weeks or months), I usually have to get to a point where my clothes donít fit or I canít do the things I want, or a ďspecialĒ number shows up on the scale that alarms me. Iím an apple shape, which means my fat accumulates more around my middle. One thing that motivates me is to picture that fat around my organs making it more difficult for them to function in a healthy way. My tummy is always the last to go, so that motivation is there until the bitter end for me.

Currently, Iím trying to remind myself that Iíd like to do well for my race on March 30, and I can run faster when Iím lighter (imagine that!) so Iím hoping that will motivate me to stay well within my calorie range for the rest of this month.
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