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Day 187, Loving Myself Healthy... feeling better

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Today I have felt better than I have in a week. I am still coughing pretty hard, but a friend brought me a home-made cough syrup and it seems to be doing the trick. I stayed home and drank a lot of hot tea again today. Tomorrow I have to go back to work because there is not a substitute for my morning classes. I think it will be okay since I do feel so much better but I am definitely going to take it easy. Thursdays are usually a pretty long day for me so I may just walk the pool while yelling out the exercises for the classes.

I've been thinking about some things today. I was thinking about SparkPeople and the things that I do daily. I always make sure to get 100 Spark points before the day is through. It means taking time to read a lot of articles and watch videos etc... it means Participating in my teams and blogging daily. It means being ACTIVE! Why join a site if you are not going to be active. We have a saying in the rooms of OA... "It works if you work it".... well, the same can be said for SparkPeople. It will work for you if you work for yourself.

I was also thinking about how obsessed I get with the scale when I am unable to exercise much. I swear to you, I have been on the scale more in the past week than I usually am in a month. I need to make a commitment right here & now that I will NOT get back on that scale until Next THURSDAY when I have to post my initial weigh in for the Spring Biggest Loser Challenge. When I get on the scale too much I get all frustrated and then defeated. On a happy note, I have been losing weight.... but if I had NOT or if I were stalled, I'd be unnecessarily freaked out about it. The fact is that I have basically done as little exercise as possible for the past week because it makes me cough so bad. When I am back to exercising like usual (I exercise a LOT) then I will see the scale move in the right direction as long as I continue to do the right things. I KNOW what to do... I just have to do it.

Well, I am going to go lay back down and watch some television before bed. I have to get up early and need to rest well.

My calories were mid-range today. My exercise was low. I am still very satisfied with my program, my food plan, and my plan of action. I am moving in the right direction and learning to love myself healthy more each and every day. Thanks to all of you who have wished me well this past week. I have really appreciated your love & caring.

Bright blessings to you all..... emoticon emoticon
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