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A Fresh Start!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Last week I felt so motivated, hit the gym 1 day more than I had planned out on gympact. Then TOM hit and all kinda went sour. Today after work I felt like night of the living dead even tho I had planned in my mind I was hitting the gym. I went home and took a shot of espresso (I know new bad habit I have been taking up for energy after work). Went to my fitness class and had a blast! I left feeling so much better than I did when I got off work. No more focusing on babies right now, transferring focus to exercise and calories. Focusing on taking care of me for awhile. Friday it's supposed to be in the 50's so I can start walking the dogs again. I am excited, I am ready to be tough on myself again. No more cruising with 3- 2200 calorie days a week and being ok with being higher. Need to be tougher on me. I finally got myself some dumb bells for my bedroom too. So I can work on my arms a little before bed some nights. I am up to making $10 on gympact now since January 1st and I have yet to miss a workout. My little fitbit has been so motivating too. They say 10k steps is how much u need to move to keep at maintenance the weight that you already are. So it's nice to know if I walked 10k steps and then I can skip the gym without feeling guilty or go walk the dogs instead.

I am about halfway through that Salt, Sugar, Fat book. It's been a lot of stuff I already knew from articles, but it's been interesting. I guess we all just need to know that, these companies are businesses and everything is a gimmick. They could be selling baby carrots the same way they sell pepsi and it would look good. I don't think they really wanna hurt anyone, they just figure it's up to us to do our own research. We live in such busy lifestyles that we just grab for anything and don't think that's it not ment to be eaten all the time. I mean even canned veggies, they are veggies but they are loaded with sodium, so I just make sure to rinse any veggie coming out of a can. They do research on people and animals to find out pleasure points of sugar and fats to know what to market and what is addictive. They said they gave rats cheesecake and tried associating the rats being shocked when they ate it. They didn't care they kept eating it when they were being shocked and their teeth were chattering when they couldn't get to it. Sugar has addictive qualities like cocaine, ever felt bad for a drug addict? We are those drug addicts lol It's up to us not eat that crap and not let our family eat it either. We know it's addictive, ever started eating a sugar cereal and then wanted more and then wanted more? Then in been in a tailspin for sugar for days? That's it right there! They do target teens 12 and older and design convince stores around how they shop. They make a lot of money off them. It's sad, but's all a business just like selling cars. Mexico is becoming one of the worst place for teen obesity right now and they have issues even having recess areas available for children and good food to feed them in school. It seemed like every time the author met with a big wig from the companies for a lunch, they wont eat their own food they marketed. They wont consume pop or carbs and had personal trainers. Thank god I have been off pop so long now when I taste it, the sweetness makes me sick. Such a huge waste of calories and the diet sugar are just as bad for LDL levels. They were saying William Morris took on Koolaide after they started doing bad with cigarette sales. There's a lot of wolves out there and we gotta look out for ourselves and try to cook as much as we can at home and drink water!

So anyway yeah I am all motivated! Oh yes and I got a 10 lb bag of grapefruits last week, last year they did wonders for me! Such a great filling snack before bed!
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    Wow you're doing so awesome!

    Interesting about the book! You know, companies are all the same. They're all just in it to make money and they don't care how. If people want to poison themselves by buying their products, they're good with it because it's lining their pockets. That's how it is. :/

    I'm hoping to get out on my bike on Saturday because it's supposed to hit 50!!! *fingers crossed*
    1835 days ago
    It's only 40 here today but I love the sun being out!!

    I buy the lower sodium or no salt added canned foods if they are available and not more expensive. Otherwise I rinse them too. I don't buy a lot of canned veggies as I like fresh and frozen better than most canned except for green beans. I hate frozen green beans.
    1835 days ago
    I feel that way every time TOM comes...just remember that it is NORMAL for it to take up to a year and sometimes more. For me, it took 8 ovulatory cycles this time (1.5 years total) and probably the same last time. It feels frustrating that it takes so long and I hope eventually it'll actually stick. I guess my point is, it's ok to be upset - but try not to beat yourself up about it (yep, still working in that part, too!). It will happen for both of us!
    1835 days ago
    yay! Glad you are doing great and are motivated. I always feel so much better when I am eating better and exercising and doing what I know is right for me. Good job!
    1835 days ago
    Your blog even sounds energetic!!!!
    1836 days ago
  • LYNAND62
    Don't beat yourself up, just forgive yourself and begin moving forward again!

    I also have a hard time with sugar, but I'm getting better all the time!

    Wow, I am not sure I could eat 10 lbs of grapefruit before they started to go bad. Good job!!
    1836 days ago
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