Night time binging/ in a wedding!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

So, I’ve made it a goal to track track track. I’m not being so limiting on carbs now and am really trying to watch the calories. Problem? Evenings. I’m reminded of why low carbing was such a good deal for me. When you know you cannot have anything of a certain item, it really helped trickle off eating for me even though I was eating huge portions.

I try to stay in my limits (I aim for 1200-1300 calories on days I don’t do a lot of exercise and increase on days where I do more to about 1500 calories). I do great all day long until I get home. Right now, work is SUPER slow. So slow, it makes your day feel like it’s been four days. Surprisingly enough…. This makes me MORE tired than when I am busy at work. When I get home…. It all goes out the window. I have been tracking for a few weeks now and can actually report that not a single evening have I stayed exactly true to plan. Some evenings aren’t so bad, others are.

Last night for instance. I ate two cupcakes and then had chicken fried steak. Who does that after being careful all day long?

So why get off the low carbing? Well I’m not “off” but a major problem for me is portion sizes. I watch the carbs but am not so limiting. When I was solely low carbing I didn’t watch sizes and did not dare count calories, at all. Portion sizes are a huge contributor to why I ballooned up to 195 pounds and I have not beat that demon yet. I think my goal here would be to low carb and watch calories… not solely one or the other.

I did not get up and exercise this morning like I promised myself. If you want something bad enough…. You make it happen… right? Just got to shake it off and start again. That extra hour of sleep didn’t do anything for me. I was awake but laid there…. Why not just get up?

So far today… I’m on point. I’m going bowling this evening (me and my husband try to go every Wednesday since it’s half price night)…. And you actually burn quite a few calories…. So that’s what I’m counting as my exercise today.

I’m going to make the rest of this week count and am still going to try on those jeans from my last post tomorrow even though there isn’t movement. Must stay accountable.

Tomorrow will be after work exercise and Friday is early morning body pump.
My friend is getting married (again) lol and I’m going to be one of her brides maids. I think it’s funny that I’m more concerned about losing weight for her wedding than for my own last year. When I got married last year I was “complacent,” with where I was. You know the feeling? You aren’t happy or sad about your weight. You just accept it. Less than a year ago I weighed about 40 pounds more than I do now. Now I want the smaller dress and to look as good as possible in pictures. Our first appointment is March 24 and the wedding is in mid July. I’m considering ordering a dress one size down from wherever they fit me at. Nothing like having a bit of necessary pressure to get on the boat. I think I’ll be pretty likely to do this if I’m in between sizes and could move down pretty easy with a bit of effort.
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    Who does that? ME!! Unfortunately, I'm a all or nothing kind of gal. When I low carb, I do really well. When I have room to maneuver, not so well. Stress and night time eating are my downfalls.

    What helps is limiting the time I eat. If I can stick to eating nothing after 8:00 p.m., I do well. I also position myself as far from the kitchen at night if I go online or do something other than prepare meals for my kids.

    Keep at it. Find out what works for you.
    1810 days ago
  • OOLALA53
    I used to eat compulsively at night- for decades! I started eating bigger meals even though the calorie count was higher, but white knuckling it through the hours I used to binge. Eventually, my appetite decreased and I now eat smaller meals but the night snacking habit is under control most of the time, enough so that I don't consider it a big problem anymore. But I had to give up strict calorie targets and weight loss by a certain date.

    You stated: "I ate two cupcakes and then had chicken fried steak. Who does that after being careful all day long? " The answer is almost everyone who diets too strenuously. Besides, it seems reasonable to me to have half a chicken-fried steak, some salad and one cupcake. (though I don't eat sweets except on weekends and holiday.) There is almost always an appropriate serving to have of any food that you truly enjoy, if not every day, then still once or twice a week. Not including the foods we cherish and that satisfy us the most is one of the most important causes of long-term failure.

    You can learn to eat moderate amounts of food for you on all occasions. In fact, asking for much more of yourself isn't reasonable. Eat moderately, exercise consistenly, and let the [body] chips fall where they may. You can still hold your head up high.

    1810 days ago
    Night time snacking can really wreck a good plan. That is an area I have struggled in. I've set time limits for my eating. And I've also built in snacking to try and get it under control. Hope you find what works for you.
    1811 days ago
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