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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Something really bad happened to me today but it ended up being JUST FANTASTIC.

I received a call yesterday from the homeopathic Dr, Dr Strauss who fixed my adrenal crash like a miracle. I heard him say "deathly ill" and "very concerned for you" but I'm so bad on a phone with my poor hearing, I rather made an appointment to go and see him. He couldn't see me yesterday and I had to wait patiently all night long wondering what it was that I had which was "deathly ill?"

After ministry this morning, I popped into the good Dr. I took my sister with for courage to face the something sinister I may have had. The Dr informed me that my final blood tests came back from the laboratories and that I am 2 points away from being diabetic and additionally my insulin cannot go any higher and that if I have any "scare" "trauma" etc the possibility is that my sugar will spike beyond the insulin level and that could cause a stroke, heart attack etc. YIKES THAT IS BAD NEWS!!!

I was thinking, I hope THIS news isn't going to be what sends my sugar careening through the roof.....but he assured me that I can turn this around as of IMMEDIATELY with certain disciplines in place.

1. Lose 10% of your body weight asap.
Thats not too bad, I've already lost a quarter of that figure already, which he was delighted to learn.

2. No simple carbohydrates AT ALL and no sugar FRUITS.
WOW I've pretty much been living on watermelon, grapes, melons, butternut, pumpkin, beetroot. All these are now - NO NO NO NO NO.

3. Up my exercise...not walking, running etc he wants simple exercise yet highly effective...housework done thoroughly lol and gardening. He reckons at this state of my body, these are two of the bests exercises I can do.

So, I bought some more meds to aid my sugar from spiking and a book called THE SOUTH AFRICAN GLYCEMIC INDEX AND LOAD GUIDE. What an interesting book. It gives you all the glycemic levels and how they load in your system.

And here's the BEST NEWS OF ALL....I have always said I have a psychological issue with compliments and weight loss....turns out....its not so! ISN'T THAT GREAT?!
Its not psychological issue sending me back to this fat place, its insulin resistance THE ENTIRE TIME. He reckons I would not have kept the weight off in a million years on my own and gave in depth medical explanations as to why. I honestly don't think I can even attempt to retell what he said. So it appears that I was blaming the wrong thing and I mean how was I to know?
My sister was with me and free of charge he looked into her eyes and said she has serious hormonal issues also causing insulin intolerance and thats why, while being thinner than myself, she battles to shed and keep the last 10-15kgs off. So we are sharing the new eating journey together and she has to cut out wine altogether LOL. She loves her Fri evening 2 glasses, spends all week waiting for 6pm on Friday......well she can have appetizer but it wont give the same zing.

I am so THRILLED to know that I don't suffer psychological issues with my weight and this new info is the key that will turn this door for me also.

When hubby came home, I could barely catch my breath telling him all this good news. I am going to lose AND KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF because I know whats wrong....not just weight to be lost. Hearing all my good news, he booked me onto a local boot camp WITH MY SISTER as a gift to my future with the bonus he received today and was going to tell me about but never got a word in edgewise. emoticon

So I begin on the morning of Monday the 18th March at 5.30am with boot camp and I am SO looking forward to it. I am already on a weight loss challenge on a Monday evening, but its not a boot camp, just a regular corrective eating and walks and weighing on a special scale that measures bone density, water, fat etc.

This is a link to the boot camp I will be on. These photo's are from the George boot camp.

It's like an outdoor gym....suits me just fine.

HOW AWESOME IS THIS DAY.....now how am I supposed to sleep tonight?
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