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Hockey game - started Thinking again.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Late blog, but I was swamped at work this am.

Driving last night was not as bad as predicted. Hubby only slid twice going to the UC . By the time we were heading home, the major snow was done and it was easy going.

So the game last night was AMAZING!!! Our seats were second row off the glass directly behind the Hawks goal. I laughed to my hubby that I could smell Shaw’s acne cream (when did hockey players get so young?). I took a few pictures with my cell, but they are not very good.

They were also celebrating Marion Hossa’s 1000 game. It was a nice tribute. Even better that he got a goal in the game.

The game started as a route, but became a nail biter. They started playing “not to lose” instead of “playing to win”. They almost blew it. We still won and the crowd was insane. I had a blast.
Got home after 11, couldn’t sleep until after 11:30 and had to get up at 5 for work. I’m a bit tired today.

Uh-oh, Kitty is thinking again – hide! I’m not certain where this is going.

So back up – “playing not to lose” and “playing to win”. I think we all start off playing to win in everything we do. From weight loss, to our jobs, to our homes, and relationships – we play to win. We give all we’ve got and squeeze out a little bit more. We fight, we fall, and we get up. We become tenacious and focused. Then something amazing happens, we start winning. We lose weight, we get a promotion, our home is the way we like it, and we have our relationships in order. It even starts to get normal, if not easy.

And that is when the fatal flaw happens. We start playing not to lose. We stop putting our effort and our focus into whatever it might be. We blow off exercise and deserve a piece of cake. We do personal stuff at work. We take our homes and families for granted. We stop focusing on what we wanted and just shelter what we have.

That is when we start to slip. Life is never stationary, it is always moving. The moment we start to try and make it stationary we lose our forward momentum and start moving backwards. We gain weight. Our co-worker gets the promotion/raise. There is tension in our homes and families.
This is where we start over or give up. A choice that isn’t even always intentionally made but oh so important. Each choice is forever, a moment lost to the decision.

What to do? No one can exist at full intensity all the time. We would burn ourselves out to little husks. Does that mean we always lose?

Nope, look back up at what I said earlier “it even starts to get normal, if not easy.” That’s the key, playing to win can become a normal intensity but we can’t lose focus and drive. We have to play to win, always looking for the next goal, the next “scoring opportunity” as it were. If we want our lives to be full we can’t sit on our laurels eating Cadbury eggs and hoping things work out. We need to make the choice to play to win and move towards our goals whenever the opportunity presents itself. We always have to be looking for that next opportunity. Until moving, grooving, and forward progress are as normal as breathing. Sometimes it is hard to breath, but we don’t just give up on oxygen. We can’t on the other important things either. I think it’s doable.

I’ve given myself a bunch to think on. Don’t mind the smoke, Chicago is not on fire. Kitty is just thinking.
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