When you are no stranger to pain and suffering

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

An acquaintance of mine had a great lost in his life yesterday, he lost his young son to muscular dystrophy, his son had been sick for many years and was only 11 when he passed. Facing such an emotionally devastating time, that for me as a parent is impossible to conceive the idea or words to describe the level of sorrow and other emotions he and his wife must be feeling at this time, even so he wrote something that hit me so deeply in all situations in life that bring on pain and suffering, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child however, I felt his words relate to anyone that has experience pain, sorrow and suffering, for a lot of people here on SP their weight has caused or been the emotional platform to much pain and suffering I know this is true for me.

He wrote: “I pondered the meaning of human suffering and the difficult experiences we are sometimes required to endure. I have learned to appreciate an old Jewish proverb that basically states “Don’t pray for lighter burdens, pray for a stronger back.” It would seem that in all religious texts, no matter your religion, God makes no apology for pain and suffering. In fact, I have come to understand there is a sacred relationship between suffering and spirituality, if we learn to listen and endure it well.”

This isn’t all of the touching and thought provoking words he wrote but this was the part that I felt was deeply thought provoking in relation to why I am on SP and the pain and suffering we all have experienced in our lives. Whether you believe in God or not I think you can read these words and walk away with a better perspective. As for me I have had many extremely painful experiences but this entry is about the pain that my weight has cause in my life and the perspective I will now carry about it, all my life I have looked at others who were not overweight and prayed to be like them, that God would help me and take this burden from me, now at almost 28 years old I feel like tackling this burden in my life will make me such a strong and determined person and possibly it will leave me with a better compassion and understanding for others. Some days I have to rely and pray to God that he gives me strength (a stronger back) to get through and some days it easier and I can see where he has strengthened me to get through. Another wise saying my uncle whom fought cancer for many years would recite to me every day was:

“I took a walk with pleasure she chatted all the way but left me none the wiser for all she had to say, I took a walk with Sorrow and near a word said she, but oh the things I learned from her, when Sorrow walked with me.”

Being overweight is hard and choosing to change your life is even harder. You may encounter much sorrow and struggle along the way but the things you learn from that struggle and sorrow is life changing in its own way.
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    Thanks for sharing both of those proverbs. My first child died as a baby when I was 22 and it was so devastating. Most of my weight didn't come from that, though I think a lot of my adult life was just keeping it together mentally, so my physical health wasn't a priority.
    1806 days ago
    thanks for sharing. Stay positive.
    1806 days ago
    Don’t pray for lighter burdens, pray for a stronger back. What great words. We lost a grandson many years ago. He was 17 months old and would be 24 today. I still grieve but have learned to get on with life.

    This is really a great blog and extremely well written. Thanks and God bless.
    1808 days ago
    I came to the same realization your friend did. Like you said the bible is full of pain and suffering. Job, David, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, John the Baptist the list goes on. So I looked at myself. Am I better than them. What makes me think that I deserve to suffer any less than them. I also looked at how I was still here through all my suffering and I was thankful. Life is hard. It is up to you to make it worth it.

    emoticon to your friend and his family for their loss.
    1813 days ago
    so true emoticon
    Sorry about your friend :(
    1813 days ago
    So sad for your friend's loss. Thank you for sharing this. It was heart wrenching but very true. Helps us realize that though we have difficulties, we end up stronger for them.
    1814 days ago
    Weight loss helps us appreciate discipline and change. Because you can't have weight loss without either.
    1814 days ago
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