Building a habit - Day 5

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Today I am supposed to write about what I can do to improve on this habit - drinking water. I feel as though I am doing it well, and there is not much more I can do except follow through on drinking it, follow my plan to get the first 4 cups in the morning and drink one first thing in the morning.

I think the real value in this blog is to keep that new habit firmly in mind. To keep me from letting it slip before it is hardwired into my life. I have to think about the daily question, and think about the habit, and renew my committment on a daily basis. I am also getting into a habit of blogging on a more regular basis. Perhaps I might have picked a different subject, but following the team guidance is a form of discipline. I like this!

I am going to continue drinking 8 to 9 cups of water daily, because it makes me feel good. and it makes my body work more efficiently, and it makes me feel fuller. And because I made a promise to myself.
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