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12 weeks of maintenance, Katch-Mcardle

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Today when I woke up I was thinking about how we're always told that muscle burns more calories than fat. So why are our calorie levels based on BMI? (Last night I was looking at BMI in the Maintenance Workbook thread on the maintenance team). I advocate for BMI as an easy estimate of body composition, but I am aware it isn't perfect. So what would be better? Knowing my lean/fat ratio and calculating my calories based on that. I use calipers to get my bodyfat%.

I guess I should go a little further back. I've been studying the National Weight Control Registry and one of the stats that alarms me is the average calorie intake is 1385 calories a day. That's average. Technically they say "characterized... By about..." So I don't know if this is mean, median or mode, but that seems low for an average. They grant that many of the registrants are still trying to lose, and the prevalent form of exercise is walking for 60-90 minutes a day. I just worry a lot of these people are in metabolic debt and that's no way to maintain for the rest of your life.

So I got online this morning and found the Katch-Mcardle formula. Plugged in my bodyfat% of 30, multiplied it by a moderate activity level (1.55) and it gives me 2274/day for calories. Turns out I've been eating just over that for the last three weeks (based on fitbit calories +350 for nursing on demand) and my weight has been remarkably stable. I feel very good at this level. I looked up the Cunningham formula too, but not sure how to use it with the information I get from the fitbit, as it gives a resting rate.

I'm still at 6 freggies a day. I drink 9 or ten cups of water, do moderate cardio daily and strength training 3 times a week, two with weights and one with body weight resistance in between. I'm pleased with my strength gains (still working toward that pull-up).

I do intend to lose some more fat later this year, after the tot is weaned. I suppose I can wait and test the spark solution for that. That would give me some time to work out maintaining while not nursing.

But I guess the overall takeaway here is if you want to exercise so you can eat more, build lean bodymass!

Ah, yes, a link would be good. www.calculatorpro.com/ca
This is a BMR. Then you multiply that by
1.2 if you're sedentary
1.37 if you exercise up to 3 times a week
1.55 if you exercise 3-5 times a week
And so forth according to the Harris Benedict equation.

Unless you meant the link for the maintenance study:
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