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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

It is really super easy for things to get chaotic during my work week. It feels like I was blogging just yesterday, and my jaw nearly dropped when I saw that it had actually been three days, haha. Again, I promise I will take the time and catch up on everyone's blogs soon! Even if I don't comment I do read, I promise!

Of course, the past few days have been crazy on multiple fronts. On top of keeping up at work and trying to make my last twenty-five bucks last until Friday, I've also been the unofficial planner of social events for the next two months and am currently throwing some budget-friendly things together for this weekend and later in April. I also have a big certification test coming up a week from today at work that will basically determine if I will get promoted, demoted, or have my wages changed at work, and that's quite stressful. Oh, and I ended up taking that second job and my first shift is this morning. :x

I went there the other day with every intention of politely backing out of it and wrestling with my immense guilt. But it turned out that they had already written me into the schedule and I was actually supposed to "work" the day before. Oops! From what I could tell, though, the manager (who I used to work with as a manager at a different store) was offering me an unheard of pay rate for part-timers and seemed super respectful of my schedule constraints and didn't crinkle her nose when I produced a post-it with all the days off I wanted to guarantee I had at least one day a week where I wasn't at either job. So I suppose, since the ball is already in motion, I'm going to give it a try. At least this way if it becomes too stressful or refuses to accommodate my primary job, I can quit without guilt or hard feelings. Plus there's so much I can do with the extra income, even if it's only a one or two hundred a month. 100% of that sucker can go to savings, or debt repayment, or splurging or even charity! I've always wanted to be in a position where I could donate consistently.

Another good thing is that I won't have to worry about spending any of my money at the store I will be working at, because officially I can't fit into anything anymore except maybe a bra here and there. Not only is that good for my wallet, but it was amazing for my self-esteem! I tried on a really pretty sundress before I left the store and was shocked at the differences in my body. Not only that, but everyone in the store, customer or employee, complimented me on how good it looked, and I've never had that happen before with the exception of the super fake gasps of the people who sold me my plus size wedding dress. I could use some more of that mojo in my life, I think.

Again, like I said I can always call the whole thing off it becomes too much to handle or not worth the effort. I'll just have to see how things go and keep an open mind about it. Right now the main thing I'm worried about is being able to adjust my sleep schedule to get up at eight in the morning - when you're used to going to bed around 3 am that's pretty tough!

Okay, so in food news I think I'm definitely making progress! Slow progress but it's progress nonetheless! PROGRESS. Haha. Today I kept the calories at 1360, and I can't remember the last time I did that! Today was also the first day in a llllloooooooonnnnnggg time I've resisted the urge to eat (usually gorge) when I come home from work at night. Honestly that has been my biggest demon and what has been undoing my efforts. I do really well in the mornings and while I'm at work, but as soon as I get home and want to relax, it all goes to heck in a hand basket. It doesn't help that my parents usually come home with loads of bad things to tempt me, like hundreds of dollars of free take out from El Fenix (tex-mex food), or cinnamon pecan cinnamon rolls or Chinese food or fried chicken. But today I was able to stay away! Yay!

Yesterday was in the 1600s and over my range, but it was under my maintenance range so I consider that a victory. I've also been successful in getting all eight glasses of water every day without resorting to counting fizzy flavored water or tea as my water. I think that's really been helping, too! In three days I've managed to go from 192.6 to 190.6 for a two pound loss! I'm pretty proud of myself, even though I know that daily fluctuations can be erratic and I could be up again today depending on water weight and such. But still! Progress!

This week is going to be really difficult because until payday on Friday I do not have any grocery money and have to resort to whatever I have around the house (just potatoes, frozen veggies, and meat that I have to thaw out) or - God forbid - a dollar menu somewhere. If I work a morning shift at my second job like tomorrow and Thursday I won't have time to make my lunch, so I will have to do my best to have something pre-made from the night before or find something cheap and healthy. In the past I have found some luck at McDonald's, oddly enough. If you're picky and ask to see what they have, you can find a pretty good looking side salad with mixed greens, carrot slices and baby tomatoes for a dollar, and that with a pouch of balsamic vinaigrette is only 55 calories for one. In the mornings they have oatmeal for 300 calories (although that's not a dollar) and (even though I am loathe to consume dairy that isn't organic and antibiotic-free) their fruit n' yogurt parfaits are a dollar and 160 calories with the granola. In a pinch you can do alright with three dollars.

I will just have to see. I am really craving sushi, but I am going to have to be patient and see what I have leftover after I plan my grocery store trip this weekend.

Well I should probably call it quits, as I need to prepare for my very, very long day today. Hopefully this second job thing doesn't kill me, and that everyone has a great hump day today! Remember that small successes, albeit seemingly insignificant, are still successes!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are a sushi addict! lol. Is there a sushi support group out there???

    I'm glad to hear that you've been feeling a lot better lately, and that you aren't getting too stressed out in advance about that part time job. I'm kind of surprised the way they've accomodated you so far, so hopefully that is good news and a sign of how thing will progress there!

    I was wondering if we'd be hearing from you anytime soon. You don't usually leave for that long without saying something! Hang in there through the crazy work stuff. Once you get used to your new schedule, it should get easier!
    1817 days ago
    You remind me that life is not always smooth sailing and that I am not the only one who has more month than money, and we live a very stressful busy life. I guess that's our reality, and your attitude is great! Knowing I'm not alone is a great help. I can stop my pity party and realize that life is life!
    1817 days ago
    You have a great attitude! You recognize the obstacles and are doing your best to prepare for them. You're managing your present and getting ready for your future. And, you see the positives in your life. Regarding food, how about eggs, beans, and/or lentils. All are super cheap. One of my favorite things to eat is a breakfast burrito w/ eggs, potatoes, and salsa. Anyway, I wish you the best!
    1817 days ago
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