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Oat Bran helps to lower Blood Glucose, helps to lower Cholesterol and helps with Weight Loss too.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I looked up on this site the nutrition for oatmeal and oat bran.
Calories in 0.25 (¼) cup of the grain.
Old fashioned oats 75
Quick oatmeal 75
Oat bran 58

Old fashioned oats 14
Quick oatmeal 14
Oat bran 5

Old fashioned oats 2
Quick oatmeal 2
Oat bran 2

Old fashioned oats 3
Quick oatmeal 3
Oat bran 4

The most obvious difference is in the Carbohydrates. The numbers show it to be just about 2/3 less carbs than the oatmeals.

I usually use oatmeal for cooking I use Bran for my own personal recipes. Anything I make for myself has Oat bran and Milled Flax seed. DH never eats those because he does not like Flax seed in anything.
Today for his lunch I made him my Guinea pig and I told him this is a special project for me, so please be certain this tastes good and if not why not.
He liked it and I reiterated please I must have the truth, he insists so I am going ahead with the number of flavors I can make this in.
Today I had a banana oat bran flapjack, for want of a better name. I used 1/2 banana mashed for sweetening and after it was cooked I spread it with strained yogurt and added very thin slices of the other half of banana. DH has decided when He has that he will have coconut and Ghirardelli chocolate grated over the top. I might just join him I am sure it will be great.
It seems like endless easy meals can be made with just a couple of ingredients and still no chemical additives or refined anything.

PLUS this has so much fiber I am hoping for a lowering of my blood sugar and an improvement of my gastric issues too, Gastro-paresis. Slow stomach emptying so it is harder to lose weight.

I have found my old cook books to be a real eye opener but I did do some searching on the in internet and I discovered in Europe there has been a diet called the DUKAN diet and that promotes a much higher fiber diet including OAT BRAN !.

Dr DUKAN says the obesity epidemic was not just too much sugar but also too little fiber and exercise.
I am hoping to pick up the book tomorrow from the library.

I have also been milling the oat bran in to flour so I can bake with it. Tomorrow I was hoping to have a cooking day but I have had an appointment cancellation open up tomorrow afternoon so i will not start to experiment till after the appointment with MY new GI Dr. My previous one moved south to UTAH so that is too far to travel.

I have been taking photos of my Flap jacks so you can see just how substantial they are. They really do fill me, satisfy my hunger for hours.

The bottom line is the blood sugar issues. I need to see if it helps lowering of my FBS. HUGS Pat in Maine.
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