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Weigh in #9 & Weekend Eats

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The past week I did pretty well. I ate healthy all week and worked out too. Then the weekend came mixed in with my TOM and my final in my class and all my hard work went out the window. I was too exhausted to work out and I was craving really bad food. I made some good decisions too but for the most part I just didn’t care. I wanted to get past TOM and not punch a stranger in the face. On top of all that I was nursing my poor Becca who had to have some minor surgery and seeing her all sad and in pain over the weekend was really hard on me. I’m so glad she’s feeling better.

So to sum it up; my week was good and my weekend blew. I felt like poop and just wanted to lounge on the couch in my pjs and stay there all day under a blanket.

The worst part is that is has now spiraled into bad eating Monday and Tuesday. Now I’m anxious about my ability to balance work and school. I told myself I would workout 5-6 times a week and I have lots of reading and homework to do so it seems overwhelming fitting it all in. When I’m studying I feel guilty because I feel like I should be working out and when I’m working out I feel guilty because I feel like I should be studying. I’m unable to decide one way or the other what I should do and I end up immobile and not doing either. Not good.
I know this won’t go away until I come up with some sort of plan to deal with this and why I’ve put it off for so long boggles my mind but I guess that’s what I do. Instead of dealing with the issues I usually eat to make myself feel better. Well that’s over. It stops now.

My next step is to plan my meals for the rest of the week.

Breakfasts: yogurt , fruit, granola or oatmeal, fruit and nuts
Lunch: Salads with chicken, crackers with laughing cow and a piece of fruit
Snacks: apples with almond butter or string cheese
Dinners: tortilla pizzas or sandwiches with soup

Next I have to figure out how to balance work and school. Instead of working out 5-6x after work I’ll try to make it 3-4 x and I’ll do most of it during lunch at work so that when I get home I can focus on school.

Tue: Read 1st chapter, do Biggest Loser Walking DVD which is only 18 minutes
Wed: yoga for an hour after work
Thursday: elliptical during lunch, read chapter 2
Friday: Elliptical during lunch
Sat: Read final chapter, do Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 DVD
Sun: Relax

Now that I have in place to help me succeed I feel much better. I know I can do this. It’s not bigger than me. I just had to face it head on and come up with a plan that works for my life right now. This plan literally took my 20 minutes to decide and write down and it’s eased most of my anxiety. I seriously don’t know why I just didn’t deal with this sooner. Although to be honest it took be a little bit to figure out what was causing the anxiety. That took the longest but I’m getting better and better at identifying this. Major win for me.


Starting Weight 2013: 217.8
Last week's weight: 207.8
Current Weight: 207 (-.8) Fair enough.
2013 Weight Loss: -10.8
Total Weight Loss: -26

Now onto my weekend eats. Ugh!


Breakfast: Nothing. I slept in until about eleven. TOM makes me exhausted and I could have kept sleeping if Rich hadn’t showed up.

Lunch: I made myself a turkey sandwich on rye with deli turkey, reduced fat cheese, light mayo, spicy mustard and avocado along with some reduced fat kettle chips.

Treat: Chocolate with cookie butter. I split it with Rich.

Dinner: Stuffed pepper. I stuffed them with lean turkey and couscous. Yummy!

Extra: Delicious Kinky Liqour mixed with diet sierra mist. This Kinky stuff is so addictive and delicious. I’m usually not a drinker but I literally drank half the bottle myself. Uhm…perhaps it was too good.

This was close to 1,000 calories in sugary alcohol. Geez!

Snack: Had a few handful of chips with hummus.

Workout: None, I was too dang tired.
Total Calories: Didn’t track
Calories Burned: 0

Breakfast: One vanilla chai waffles with light syrup, and almond milk to drink.
*forgot to take a pic*

Lunch: Rich and I went to California Pizza Kitchen. We started with the veggie tortilla rolls which we split.

Then I had a cup of tortilla soup

My main course was zucchini shrimp fettuccini for only 550 calories.

Snack: Berries with Greek yogurt and honey

Dinner: Pizza made on a flat out wrap with turkey pepperoni and reduced fat cheese.

So had I stopped here I would have been fine but then I started feeling anxious.

Dessert: Peanut buster parfait from DQ

This sucker has over 700 calories. Holy WTF?

Extra: Eggs, toast, avocado on toast and peanut butter filled pretzels.

Workout: None, still too tired.

Note to self: You need to deal with stress right away. As soon as you feel it, you need to identify it and figure out what you can do to fix or alleviate the cause of this. Had you done this sooner everything you ate after dinner on Sunday would have never happened. Anxiety and stress calls for an action plan. Being frozen in indecision and sitting there in inaction and immobile will not help you reach your goals. You can’t ignore your issues you have to deal with them right way.

My motto for this week: Feel, identify, plan and act. No more indecision.

Motivational Monday:
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You're doing great! Don't pound yourself down too much. Just think, 4 more lbs and you'll be at -30 lbs! Freakin' awesome!!
    1805 days ago
  • RAIN454
    your food always looks so yummy...and you need to start a food blog with your recipes! those stuffed peppers looked to die for :)
    1811 days ago
  • ASHESS85
    The good new is, you did make some healthy decisions and lost almost 1 lb! We all have bad weekends for various reasons and we can't be perfect all the time. I completely understand you stressing about being school and trying to work out too. However, it is doable. Sometimes you will have to choose studying over exercise but the bottom line is you can make it work. Just plan your weeks out over the weekend. Make sure you set a schedule for both studying and exercising. It's all about scheduling and buckling down to get things done. I know you can do it and if you need any encouragment or help with anything let me know!
    1812 days ago
    Loved this blog because you are REAL!!! You show that there are struggles in weight loss and I love the picture blog of your food...great way to capture/remember what you're eating! The peppers look great and I wouldn't mind that recipe! ;)

    You sound a lot like me when it comes to get overwhelmed and then throw your hands up because it is all too much. The thing that has helped me the most is realizing it is a lifestyle change and LIFE happens!! You aren't always going to have 90 min 5-6 days a week to workout, but do what you can do. If you do what you are able to do without making you feel overwhelmed on overloaded it is most likely something you will stick to. It doesn't do any good to schedule 6 days to workout, but then it is too much and you only end up working out 2 because you're so tired from everything else on your plate. SCHEDULE 3-4 NON-NEGOTIABLE workouts... they can be for 20 min. How many times have we wasted 20 min when we could have got a workout in? Even go for a walk after your homework/studying to clear your mind. I know it is a SUPER tough balance, but I am proud of you for preparing yourself. That is key to success :)

    Also your pics in this blog = hilarious :) Congrats on your loss this week!!! With all that stress/tom super kudos for that!

    emoticon emoticon
    1812 days ago
    Thanks for this blog. I find that with stress, preventative medicine is the best medicine. We know that we're going to get stressed out in advance so we need to plot stress valves into our day. A walk, a bath, a massage, a mani pedi, a chat with a friend -- whatever relaxes us, we need to learn how to turn to that instead of to food. I haven't figured it out yet but I do feel I'm getting better.
    1812 days ago
    I think you realized some very important things. Consider this a learning experience, make changes for the future and move on. You don't deserve to beat yourself up about this! Keep moving forward!
    1813 days ago
    Hey! I was reading your blog and your symptoms of TOM sound alot like mine. I've had a baby and I figured the pain would subside, at least my mom said it would but after one year, the pain has returned. It is awful. I'm out of commission the first day. The pain and the exhaustion I feel just sucks.

    By the way, I like how you have your posts organized from week to week. I know it must help with accountibility.
    1813 days ago
    Great blog Mary! You are steadily losing, despite TOm getting in your way! That's great. :-) you must not be doing as bad as you think with the losses you are having! Proud of you. Just prioritize a little more this week: if you get stuck lots of homework, just focus more time on nutrition and forget the formal work outs. Take the stairs at work more, walk around the office a little, and just focus on making the right food choices/ portions. You don't HAVE to get in 3-5 formal work outs to succeed!:-)

    You got this girl!
    1813 days ago
    Haha I love your TOM graphics especially when the girl gets the knife lol Your stuffed sweet peppers look so good! This week will be better!
    1813 days ago
    i love seeing what you're eating and hearing the inner monologue-- i have one, too! it's not particularly "good" exercise but after an hour of cardio at the gym, i've been spending 20 or 30 minutes taking a leisurely ride on a "bike" and reading for school-- the elliptical and stuff is too bumpy but i find the bike ride works! omg my TOM arrived today and now i want dairy queen!!! :(
    1813 days ago
    This was such a great post! Thanks for the honesty. I'm sure you can turn it around!
    1813 days ago
    absolutely loved your blog! LOVED IT!
    1813 days ago
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