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Sweet Disposition & Pics

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Was just listening to that song by the Temper Trap, so it gets the title today.

Just finished my run. All of our streets here form a circle. So if you are driving down a road and hit let's say "Del Webb" you will probably go up four blocks and hit "Del Webb" again because of the circle. Anyhow, I live in a community that is like a spider web of circles. If I ran the Crossings I could probably start and end at the same place. That's my goal for my runs anyhow, to finish a circle. Right now being on week 1 of the Spark runs and C25 I make it about a mile up the road and come back. Every time I run I take the same route and aim for "Garret's street". It's this little mental thing in my head. One would think the same route would be boring and I suppose for most people, it is. But for me and my confetti mind it makes the run a little more soothing somehow and a little goal orientated too. Someday on my runs I'm going to make it past Garret's Street at the half way mark.

I do have to buy new shoes already though. I bought these awesome Sauceny's and they are already killing my shins. I need to get back to my Nikes and I don't know why I thought I could switch to anything else. Silly me. Shins really hurt today too, along with that arch that I "broke" three years ago.

I also didn't think it would be a good run because we are expecting a storm so it's pretty cool and crisp out there. Cool and crisp was just what I clearly needed. Was a good morning jaunt by all accounts. I should've known it was going to be a good one when "Running on Empty" was the first song on the playlist.

We've had a houseguest for the weekend. My niece and her baby girl came up for a visit. It was nice listening to the coos of a little one. I joked with hubby I needed another baby and we would name her Lola. He gave me the finger.
Anyhow, we went on a walk and there were sheep grazing. The sheep must've jumped the fence because look at this! Look how close they were!!

Then my niece helped me find all my DVDs!

I think my friend Kim was the most excited to see that pic! LOL I let my niece borrow my Slim in 6 and I'm going to get started back on my Hip Hop Abs since I'm in the Ab challenge team.

As for regular daily news:
The Air Force has begun it's furlough and hubby is without a job soon although depending on who you talk to is when the unit will shut down. He thought he was being cute, I think when he told the girls that he applied for a job in Hawaii (and he really did) OMgosh you'd thought he stepped on a hornets nest. The girls did NOT like the idea of that. Even Hawaii. LOL

Oh, here he is with our little great niece? Whatever, anyway, she stuck to him like glue all weekend. He couldn't even go to the bedroom without her clinging to his pantleg. Made the rest of us a little jealous....but he's always been a lady's man. LOL

and here's one of each of my girls.
This one is when Miranda and I went out for her first drink with her friends from Chicago. She was very sick from staying up so late, but she still had fun.

This one is my Missy Kate driving. She was imitating the Mayhem commercial: "I'm an emotionally compromised teenager. Becky just kissed Johnny and there's a problem with that. I like Johnny.. .. Becky isn't even HOT.."

and yes, my baby...Nicole and me. I think this was just after her last competition.
I had to tell her she can't compete next year. Who's more devastated me or her? LOL Hey, she's carrying out MY dream dang it. I will keep her in tumbling and she should qualify for the school cheer...we will go from there.

There's my ramble.
It was quite the ramble.
What'd I say again?

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