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Simplify--focus on ONE thing

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I spent all day at the beach yesterday to listen to my hunger signals in an environment different from my home environment. My home environment has things in ti that automatically trigger the urge to eat when I am not truly hungry.

For example there is a refrigerator and when I see it, I feel like looking inside.
Also there is a TV and when I turn it on, I feel like getting something to eat while I watch.

So, to escape the environmental cues, I went to the beach. I took a apiece of paper and wrote down my level of hunger for almost every hour. I only ate when it was level 4 or higher. (on a scale of 1 - 10). I ate an apple, an ounce of walnuts, a can of tuna fish and drank 4 cups of coconut water and 4 cups of water. That was not too much food and it was satisfying.

At home for supper I ate until I was 80% full, some protein and some vegetables sitting at the table and not watching TV.

Then an hour later while watching TV, I felt like eating again so I ate almost 8 oz of protein. I know that protein is necessary for retaining muscle mass and for making hormones etc., but I was unable to stop eating at 80%. I kept going until I was 110% full.

I am still working on the 80% full habit. Sometimes it seems impossible, but if I get ti right some of the time, that is improvement. So, high-five to me!

The one habit that I am focusing on today is to stop when I am 80% full. If I try to focus on doing everything right, it become overwhelming. so I am simplifying and concentrating on ONE thing per day. Sometimes I can get more than one thing done, but if I do ONE thing, I count it as a success. I even count trying to do one thing a success whether or not I could do it right.

What ONE thing are you focusing on?
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