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Today,,,, what happend,, HAPPY !

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

today,,, this AM at 8:30, I got a phone call that made me SOO HAPPY !!!! I had applied to an apartment about a month ago. There had been a problem with the application (This place has been UNREAL HARD for me to get into !) ,,, so we've been trying to work on things. I had to mail in some paperwork then. Well they did NOT receive it. Rather than just IGNORE me,,,and figure "I WAS NOT interested in it" Denise called me to find out what had happened ! WOOHOOO !!

So I remailed it this time thru UPS (MAN OH MAN !! THey are VERY EXPENSIVE For a registered mail !! It costed me 6.00 MORE than it does at the USPost office !! WOW !) but I do not know where the USPOffice is,,,,,and the UPS is near some "what" to my house,,,,it was SNOWING (AGAIN ! YIKERS !) and I was COLD ! At 32F. It DID NOT MATTER For "IF" I can get an apartment there ,,,on the 2nd or 3rd floor ,,,that's SUNNY,,, I WILL BE THRILLED TO BITS !!!!!! OH I HOPE SO !!! I had given up on praying, but Jehovah knows my deep desires and its NOT to keep cleaning UP after these all. I've been doing the dishes for FIVE ,,,they LOVE to COOK, NOT CLEAN !!!!!! AND ALSO clean the bathroom, which they could HARDLY care of its clean or NOT !! I DO CARE !!!! I am VERY CLEAN,,, they R NOT !!!!!! Its SO HARD on me living here. How some can live in FILTH I will NEVER know. I am NOT OCD , but I AM NEAT they call me "OCD" cos I AM Neat, by most of my friends standards,,,,I fit in "average". (except for the dishes, I DO WANT THEM DONE RIGHT OFF !). I am ALSO the one to do the kitch, bathroom floors.

So this has been QUITE HARD on me, still if I DO NOT do them,,,,it does NOT get done,,,if I ASK For help,, ALL WAR breaks out. Its NOT worth it. Simply NOT worth it. Their own home,,, had COB WEBBS so THICK in the bathroom,,,, the landlord said he'd take $$$ out of Sec Dep,,,,,to clean that and the BLACK Tub, toilet, sink. EWWIE !! I NEVER used their bathroom !!!!!! It was GROSS !!! I DO WANT A CLEAN ONE !

so yes, I DO WANT my own,,,, when I had my own,,,,,I kept it clean,,, EASILY SO and it did NOT hurt me to do so,,,,,,also when it got to much, I quailed for help,, here I only qualify for help "in my own room" Not the open rooms since they are family rooms, no ,atter what's said. Period,,,, I've called.

SO I AM PRAYING HARD AGAIN,,,,, that this FALLS THRU and I DO GeT the apt,,,, on the 2nd or 3rd floor (I DO NOT LIKE 1st floors,,, esp here in the city which is QUITE VIOLENT !) and they do NOT have TUBS in them,,, I SO BADLY WANT A TUBBY !). OH HOPE ME WELL !!

THANKS !!!!!!! having my hopes up,,,, and how does this go into this weeks challenge ??? EASY !! I FALL INTO NEGATIVE THINKING SO QUICKLY when things do NOT go MY WAY and I STAY there,,,, thinking "ive earned it". Now this time, I can see it was simply a MISTAKE MADE at the POST OFFICE !! PHEW !!!!

I live in Mountain time,,, got it in Before Midnight,, so its for MONDAY ! WOOHOO

A HOPEFUL Diane again.
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