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Weekend Recap + Nerd Fitness

Monday, March 04, 2013

The weekend went by way too fast (don't they always?) and I'm sad it's Monday again. But here's hoping for a good week! I'm REALLY hoping for some good news to come my way this week in a certain area of my life...the suspense is killing me! Good thoughts are appreciated!

I joined a Group Strength class last Thursday and owwwweeee, did I hurt come Friday morning! It's an hour long class focusing on full-body moves. It's not super heavy weights, just lighter weights with more reps (I'd say 3 set of 8-12). But you can add on as much weight with the medicine ball, hand-weights, and barbell. I was excited to discover that thanks to the past few months of ST, I am pretty much back to the strength I was the last time I took this class, which was before the holidays and my inevitable 2-month backslide.

I see this as a stepping stone class. I want to continue to get stronger and eventually start tackling some serious weight-lifting routines. The more I read about it, the more I like the sound of it. YOOVIE is definitely someone I admire for doing it and an inspiration that I can do it too. But first I've got to get to the point where I can do push-ups, pull-ups, etc. before I move to the big kids table. And I think this class can help me there.

Another fun site I have stumbled across is Nerd Fitness:

There are workout and nutrition guides you can purchase, but they also have a healthy free articles/workouts section that I enjoy. There are actually some great tips on exercises that will help you get to pull-up/chin-up level that I plan on using to create my own ST routine.

Plus I totally dig the nerd references in the posts emoticon

Didn't do absolutely terrible with food this weekend. It wasn't a gold star kind of weekend, but not one I should be grounded for either. Had dessert at B's grandparents house Saturday night, but I tried to stick with some serious portion control for both the taco salad and the dessert. I ate at basically maintenance level both Friday and Saturday, but got within 100 calories of my upper range on Saturday. So at least I didn't post up some 2500-3000 calorie days like I did last weekend. Progress has been made and I'll gladly accept it. Plus I also burned an extra 500 calories this weekend with Zumba and the bike, so hopefully the damage isn't so bad.

Planned exercise for the week -
bike 3x (1 15 mi, 2 6-7 mi)
swim 2x (1 freestyle, 1 drill)
ST 3x full body

Planned calories - 1500 - 1700 per day, banking about 580 extra calories for Friday and Saturday

I am going to attempt to cook quinoa tonight...wish me luck! I will let you know how it goes!

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