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Monday, March 04, 2013

In all my years of trying to lose weight whether successfully or not, I have found that BRAND NEW SCALES can be infuriating to say the least. In my opinion they are only out done by doctor scales.

My old emoticon I learned this weekend no longer works, kicking the bucket for no apparent reason. I weighed in on Friday, just a few days after beginning some new changes to my weight loss plan and according to my scale I hadn't dropped an ounce. I tried again Saturday and the scale weren't even turn on. I replaced the batteries with new ones and still nothing. DH even opened the back to see if he could find out what the issue was. Still all we got for our efforts was a blank screen which when you are trying to lose weight can be very frustrating. emoticon

So I went out yesterday and bought a new scale. After doing some research and searching high and low at three different stores for just the right one as I am very particular when it comes to a scale, I found one I liked. A real top of the line beauty! emoticon

I decided to weigh myself this morning, actually changing my weigh in day once again to Mondays because it lines up much better with the Mini Challenges I have recently set up for myself. Anyway I happily got on the scale thinking just maybe I had dropped something for the week after all but unfortunately that would NOT be the case. Suddenly my happy go lucky attitude changed and definitely not for the better. Shockingly the number that stared back at me big and bold was not at all what I expected from my shiny new scale.

240 lbs!!!!!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon A whole 10 pound difference from my old scale and a number that is not going in the direction I am use to either. After a few moments of utter terror I collected myself somewhat and tried to find a reason for the change. I made sure the scale was on a solid level surface. I checked and changed the batteries. I even read the instructions... TWICE. And than I did what I normally do when I need to see if something mechanical is truly broken, I dragged my husband into the bathroom for a second opinion, a test drive of sorts. Believe me when I say he wasn't at all happy either when he found out he was 10 lbs more than his last weigh in, and NOW over 200 lbs. 208 to be exact!

After the two of us stood there a few minutes, looking rather pathetic I did the only thing I knew to do. NO!!! I didn't throw the thing out the window. Although I was thinking about it. Instead I went to the kitchen and got a 10 lb bag of sugar. We keep a lot of these around as DH is a sugar addict. The only man I know that has coffee with his sugar in the morning. emoticon Nevertheless I placed the bag on the scale and waited...

After a moment the number 10 clear as day stared right back at me. UGH!!! My heart sank. Yet not to be out done by a scale I than asked DH to get one of his weights from his gym set downstairs. He begrudgingly agreed and moments later came back with a 20 lb weight. He placed it on the scale and low and behold the number 20 lit up before us. Now I have to say it took me awhile to realize at this point I had only two outcomes to choose from. Either I go out and exchange this scale for another one, chancing the same thing happening OR accept the reality as is and move on. "sigh" Since I do not feel much like having an all out war with multiple scales today I have decided to go with option #2 and accept this new number. Although not without first saying how much I HATE NEW SCALES!!! Actually right now, I am not liking weigh in days much either! emoticon
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    I feel bad for you. I would be so frustrated, too, and I'm sure that I would have wanted to throw it out the window. emoticon
    I was thinking of buying a new scale, but after reading about what you have gone through, I think I'll just go with the old ones. Every day when I get on my digital scale it shows the same weight, not up or down. On the weekend I give it a shake because I realize that there is something wrong, then I get a new reading and it is always showing a loss. I would really like an accurate reading every day. I have an old analog scale which seems to match up to my actual weight loss. The problem is the markings are so tiny that it's hard to read.
    We just need to realize we are living healthier, and no matter what the scales might show at times, we are going to reach our goals. emoticon
    1836 days ago
    We all have "love /hate relationships" with our scales exhibited a lot of self control by not throwing it out the window !!! emoticon It has got to be discouraging for you... emoticon now you have a new number and a new scale so your next weeks wgt will have more validity. Time to pick up and move on .... emoticon
    1838 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Yes, I do find scales vary. But a 10 pound difference would also make me XZ&@ mad!!! emoticon
    1838 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/4/2013 9:02:34 PM
    I know my scale is not accurate all the time as I have weighed before TOPS and then weighed as soon as I got to the meeting and the number will be either + or - what I weighed at home. Now, I just accept what TOPS scale says. lol I will weigh once in a while at home but not much. When you get on and it says x then get off and on again and it says y--something ain't right. lol Just keep on doing what you are doing Sallie. You know you are doing good as your energy level is up and clothes aren't as tight. You will--no WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE!!!! (((HUGS)))
    1838 days ago
    I had the same thing last year when we finally got a new scale. 15lb difference! You'll get through this, just remember the work you've done is still there and really the scale is only one tool in our efforts.
    1838 days ago
    Oh, no... that's sucks! I'm so sorry. That happened to me too when I got a new scale. I guess it's better to know right?!? I had to say though, the comment about your husbands "coffee with his sugar" comment, had me rilling. MY husband is the exact same way! About 1/4 cup or sugar to what ever coffee will fit in the cup, lol!
    1838 days ago
    we all go through this when we buy or try a different scale.

    As dieters we base a lot on what a machine says. Today my scales said exactly what it did last week.

    I know my clothes fit better. I got into pants I bought new and have not worn because they did not fit.

    Base your life on results and appearances, not a number on a machine.

    Keep on Trackin.

    1839 days ago
    The difference between home scales and the pumped up ones in the doctor's office is SO discouraging. I'm going by my own. Whether it matches the doctor's scale or not, it still tells me whether I'm losing, gaining, or maintaining. emoticon
    1839 days ago
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