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What is Cooking - Huatulco Mexico!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Part two - as promised! Time is flying ... March already! I was in Mexico for a week a month ago - and I just did not get the time to blog... So here it is.

I signed up for a cooking class at Chocolate and Chilis as one of my activities - I like to get out of the resort and explore. It was a half day "hands on" cooking and tasting class! Perfect for me!

The food was fabulous... the menu was street cooking - or local food!

Our starting point... Fresh food...

One nice touch is how to roast the veggies
and I learn how to use a "grater"... I had fun doing it, so much I bought one so I can do at home what I learned!

The lady who assisted the chef (Sorry I can't remember her name!) gave a demonstration on how to make sopes and tortillas...
Her final result: ...
Start with dough, press it and cook it! With my Mother-in-Law - who did not spent much time with me that morning, she opted for the other table... Did I mentioned that I originally selected that activity so I could go with her... Anyway - I was really having a great time as you can see... ho! I forgot to mention that the refreshment was beer! one was enough - it was pretty warm by the fire... I switched to water after that! emoticon )
The Chef! With the real chef! I think my sope was pretty good!

First course: Appetizers with salsa, pico de galo and black bean sauce

We proceeded to our second part ... the main course! It was DELICIOUS!

and I toasted this event with a margarita!

Since then - I got inspired and used my grater a few times...
I prepared a pineapple salsa:
(presented in my new grater bowl directly from Mexico!
You can find my recipe at: recipes.sparkpeople.com/
and I use the left over of salsa for a fruity red quinoa salad strawberry and salsa salad... (Sorry no picture yet )

I also made a Pumpkin and Hot Pepper puree (Caution - HOT!!! emoticon and sweet!) As I learned in my class, to soften the dry pepper, you boil it!
So I roasted 2 longs hot peppers (just like we did in my class - see pictures up top!)
I brought to a boil 1 C Vinegar, 1/4 C granulated Sugar and 1 Cup Pumpkin and I added the dry pepper over... the remaining of the recipe is avail at:

I served it with tilipia and a toss salad... I really like it!

Just an update on my progress.

February has been very stressful and as a result I turned to food... (and the scale is saying plus 4 since January! - Definitly not in the right direction)

1) ... usually in a good way. I mean by spending time in the kitchen cooking - I am busy - that way my mind is not generating futile anxiety... and bonus - I am eating healthy.
My lunch last weekend! Before going away for one week on temporary duty to deliver training to personnel in my branch...

2) ... speaking of events - I attended a few social events... and that meant - emoticon ... I ate way too much! Even the night before my 10k Race, we went for dinner with friends. I had a great time. We tried the Restaurant Brewery "The Two Brothers" in Ottawa. Jeff had a burger to die for! . I had a steak frite with a side of beets. I should know better - I should have said no fries -substitute for beets! I also tried the beer (yes - beer before a race! - what was I thinking!) and we split a desert! No kidding!!! Good thing I did not feel it the next day...
I will spare you my tracking for February. I have to say that contrary to my habits of tracking everything, I was so discouraged on some occasion that I just gave up. Not to mentioned that I had a few episode of binging too... BAD!

Tomorrow is a new Month (well it happened Friday but I gave myself a weekend extension!)...

My goals:
Food: In range... I know what to do - just gotta do it!
Water: Keep it up/ I am doing great
Cardio: did not run since the race (17 Feb)... My lungs are better now but I am still out of breath - I still have to take my inhalator ... I will be back at the gym tomorrow. My next race will be in April - Half Marathon. Building up for a full marathon (in the Fall...)
Distance: Go the Distance!!! Looking forward to connect with my team!
Blog: Once a week... minimum - I need to catch up!
Stress: Find calm - without turning to food!

Thanks to my sparkfriends who inspire me!
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