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He Did A BIG Boo-Boo

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Last night I was discussing with Chuck about the cops not even investigating when there ‘WAS’ evidence; like they could have gone to the local phone company and gotton the (name of the computer) that had logged onto my internet connection and downloaded hundreds of dollars of music. But no, they didn’t even check it out. AND when my new screen room got destroyed in my back yard within 2 weeks of purchase; with the poles broken and thrown aside, the police wouldn’t even come and look around, or take fingerprints. And, last night when I was saying these things to Chuck - without thinking - he said, {{{“Well, the only fingerprints that would have been on the poles would have been mine.”}}} Which confirms to me what I thought at the time; that Chuck was the one making it fall each day, and then finally destroying it. Cause it always fell within 5 minutes of him arriving home, when it had stood fine all day - and then was finally destroyed… it had been standing fine all day long - until after he got home.

Why would he do it? Why has he done all the utterly cruel, stalking, mean things he has done since the 1980’s?

It’s hard to sort out what my neighbor has done and what Chuck has done; cause they both act out horribly. Instead of dealing with anything straightforwardly they go viciously behind your back and ‘get you’.

I know this has been Chuck’s pattern for the 40 years of our marriage. He is very sadistic; if he can’t get away with hurting you openly (like how he used to beat me, or worse) he will do the most malevolent things behind your back. Even when I left him and moved 80 miles away to another city he continued to stalk me. ONLY I hadn’t realized then that the behaviors he was demonstrating before I left him are stalking behaviors. In fact I didn’t recognize his behaviors were called stalking until I moved back to this town so that I could have dogs. And he intensely increased his stalking. Only I didn’t know it was him stalking me. But when we bought this house and turned it into a duplex (me in half and him in the other) and the stalking and terrorizing went through the roof, first he insisted it was all the doing of the neighbor. But, geez, the neighbor didn’t even know me when I lived over at my other house. So there is ONE link to the stalking that went on over at my other house and the stalking that goes on here, and it is Chuck.

It’s been 9 years of a real crazy-making game since moving into this house. Chuck always insisting “it’s not him”, the cops and me insisting it 'IS' him. The fact is that whenever I get really verbally 'expressive' about the harassing things that are happening, and tell Chuck I'm getting the cops involved again - then ironically they stop happening for some time (now how would the neighbor know to stop the stalking and harassing whenever I get in Chucks face about it???). And, how would the neighbor know when Chuck is to be home in 10 minutes, and do it just 10 minutes before Chuck walks in the door - no matter what time that is? The neighbor has no way of knowing that closely when Chuck will be arriving home. And, why would the neighbor take that kind of risk to wait until Chuck might be walking through the door, when if the neighbor is going to stalk me he had the whole evening to do so without undue risk? No. The only thing that makes sense is that Chuck parks somewhere, comes and terrorizes me, then goes back and gets the car and “comes home”.

I do know for a fact that there are things the neighbor has done, but a whole lot of what happens here is more than likely due to Chuck. It’s impossible to sort out who is doing what when I never can catch either one of them. All I know for sure is that Chuck isn’t doing the computer hacking. And, I do know for a fact that the neighbor had previously hacked my computer because his wife just had to rub it in “how he had downloaded hundreds of dollars of music”.

Here’s What I Don’t Know:

* WHO seeded my perennials with lawn seed several times?
(hint: Chuck had asked me several times to reduce the coverage of my perennial flower beds.)

* WHO steals any tools left in the yard for even a few minutes?

* WHO keyed the car from end to end? (Chuck wouldn’t have done this because he is was so into it looking good.)

* WHO has repeatedly poisoned my dog?
(This happened at the time line that the neighbors dog passed away from old age and I had just gotton another dog. Neighbor then raised his fence so my dogs could get over there. And Chuck was upset at me for getting another dog. So which one would have done it?)

* WHO comes into my house while I’m taking a bath and then leaves (10 minutes before Chuck ‘comes home’?)

* WHO comes in through garage, and into my entry and stands by my door for a bit and then leaves (10 minutes before Chuck ‘comes home’?)

* WHO smacks my house hard with something while I‘m watching tv (10 minutes before Chuck ‘comes home’ after taking dog out for walk?)

* WHO repeatedly stole items from my apartment? (Chuck never had an issue or was upset about the thought of someone entering both my and his apt’s. I wonder why? That would seem to indicate it was him.)

* WHO repeatedly did hang-up calls? (hint: whenever I would tell Chuck I was going to get the police to track the calls the calls would stop for a long time.)

* WHO repeatedly dismantled and then destroyed my screen room.

There’s a LOT more that I can’t speak of here that Chuck has done to me and mine. Straight on abuses, as well as deceptions, scams, and behind the scenes abuses.

I will say that from the time I got a secure solid core door on my apt. my health took a tremendous and amazing upturn.

For years and years it’s been all ‘smoke and mirrors’, and trying to figure out who is doing this stuff. I guess I can assume that I’m not in actual physical danger any more since I got that solid core door on, but I’m never sure.

I sometimes have dreams where I try everything I can to secure my place, then go to bed (in my dreams), only to have someone slipping in some way and I don’t know how, and so in my dreams it feels like they are almost coming through the walls. Cause in my dreams I have even secured myself in my bedroom and sealed the door and window shut to the point that I couldn't even get out, and yet they get in (in my dream). I wake up with a very disconcerting feeling. I’m sure these dreams are due to this stalking situation and not knowing for sure who it is, or for sure how safe I really am.

I'm sure whoever is stalking me gets great sadistic pleasure out of what they do. Only a psychopath could do this for this long.