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We run this town! (pictures!)

Sunday, March 03, 2013

I don't know about you but I don't like to be "pegged." I don't want anyone to tell me what I can and can't do... and I like to surprise people! Add to that a propensity to get bored and you arrive at the heart of why I create personal goals that most people would not expect from me. Whenever I feel unfulfilled by life I take on a new mission. Last October that mission was running my first 5K.

For me, running is the total antithesis of how I like to exercise. I generally like sports like tennis that keep my mind busy with points, chasing balls, and socializing. However, my absolute favorite thing to do is DANCE! Zumba, hip hop, ballroom, shag, swing, whatever! I get lost in the music and beat and there is nothing better in the world. It makes me feel beautiful, graceful, and capable. So why did I decide to take running as my next mission? Because running is one of thew few sports where you are dependent on no one else- therefore you have less excuses. Because it is the last thing the people that know me would expect me to do. Because I am so impressed by the endurance of the runners I know. Because I want to turn an "I can't" into "I can!"

Running was never easy for me from the beginning. I am short (5'2) and I have very short legs and a heavy chest. I am jogging by someone who is walking at a brisk pace because my strides are so much shorter. Sidenote: the fitness tracker is forever categorizing my jog as a walk UGH. While I am still slow to this day (which I especially realized when the non-runners I was with wanted me to jog faster...) I have noticed HUGE improvements from where I began.

On Saturday morning, bright and early, I ran The Color Run with my boyfriend, my little brother, and my dad. It was a blast and I would highly recommend it to those of you who would like a non-crazy competitive 5K experience. Except for the part in the middle of the race where I was questioning my sanity and why I ever signed up (read: out of breath) I had a great time! I shaved 5 minutes off of my time and now have a new personal best to beat next time! But more than that- I set a goal and I achieved it.

Now if only my eating was going as well as my exercising! Overall, though, I am proud of how far I have come and I know that the changes I am making now are lasting... and if I add one change to another I will get where I need to be!

The whole running team before the race!

my little brother and I!

Running through the YELLOW!

my little bro after the race!
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