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Sunday, March 03, 2013

So I've been really MIA recently. I'm sorry.

Here is my life: switching to second shift is GREAT, but after a week, I'm still struggling to find my routine, especially when it comes to eating! I'll figure it out though.

I LOVE the new gym I joined! I met with the head personal trainer for my free PT session, it was AMAZING. I signed up for a month's worth of sessions with someone who he paired me up with. I have my first session with him this week. It'll be fun! The staff there is SO motivating! One of them asked me what I was going to do that day, and I told him I wanted to run, but that I didn't think I'd be able to since my core was still so sore from the PT session I had! He pushed me and I ran..and ran... and ran! Who knew! I felt it with every step though! I did the first 30 minutes at my 6.5 mph and then I still had energy, so I kept going! I then upped it a bit to a 1% incline! And I ran at that incline until I hit 5 miles! And because I wanted to end on a whole number, I passed the 5 mile mark at 46:08 or something and then just kept going until 47 minutes. It was a GREAT run! But I'm feeling it in my legs today - that's ok though! It has 100% motivated me to sign up for a 10k in mid April. It goes right through my neighborhood, I can't wait!! I'm actually REALLY excited for this 10k! It's also motivated me to sign up for the Thunder Road half marathon in mid November! EEEK!! I'm REALLY nervous about this one! But it's 8 months away and I can "easily" up my 5-6 miles right now to 13.1...right? I'm glad my gym is so motivating! And they're all pushing for me, especially since they know I've already done so much work on my own to get to where I am now!

So weight loss update: I've been hovering around 141 pounds for the past weeks. I'm completely ok with that! I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 138 - 138! I didn't believe it though, so I stepped back on and saw 139. I'm still ok with that, it's the 130s!! So I put my scale away and went "hmm", so I pulled it back out and it read 140.2, this time consistently reading 140.2, regardless of how much I stepped on it. Oh well. It's still SO close to the 130s and I'm 100% certain that I'll be there by Wednesday so I can leave 140ville, enter 130ville, and join the 20 somethings with 10-25 lbs to lose! I can do it!

I was talking to my friend the other day and she asked me what I weighed right now and I told her, she was then shocked since I am 10 lbs less than her! We're the same height, but I think she looks GREAT and well, I don't think I don't look as good as her! She knows this. But then she asked me what size jean I'm wearing (just to prove her point). This I didn't want to divulge, but I figured, why not. Her mom is a WW coach and she's use to it, so I told her that it depended on the brand, but a size 8-10 (ok, only ONE brand has been a size 8, all others are a 10, and one was even a 12), and she told me she's an 8! I'm SHOCKED! I just wouldn't imagine that we'd be the same size! I guess I still have to work on my own self perspective a little. But my goal is a flat stomach. Size and number doesn't matter, what matters is how my body looks. But with the help of a PT, I'm sure I'll get my core toned up and hopefully lose the pouch and roll!

But I am SLIGHTLY hesitant about the scale. My brother came today to visit and it was a lot of fun. We walked to the mall, walked around, spent way too much money on tea (can you say chocolate banana tea!?!?) and then went out to lunch. We got WAY too much food. It started with two mimosas (yumm) and an appetizer of tuna nachos. Ok, they are not as bad as they seem. Pan seared tuna on top of wontons with tomatoes, guac, and a crab rangoon dip. I had four pieces of the tuna and the guac and tomatoes. No wontons or dip for me! Then was the meal. I got the turkey, apple, brie, and berry turkey burger with a side of grilled veggies (squash and zucchini). I didn't get the bun and didn't get any brie and ate half of everything. Go me! But because this was my bro's first time at this restaurant (which is REALLY good), we had to get sushi as well, so we got the caterpillar role to split. I had four pieces. They're delicious! Considering I didn't eat breakfast, I think it'll be ok. I'm also still STUFFED, so I doubt I'll need dinner either. I'll be ok with that. It's already 6, but maybe around 8, I'll just have some fruit or something, I'm really not that hungry! I am thirsty though, which could be from not drinking enough water after the gym, or the food just being salty (and every time I get food out, I always bloat out since EVERYWHERE uses more salt than what I'm use to! It's not a huge problem because my salt levels are low - why yes, I am in the 1% of the American population that doesn't consume enough salt, but it just makes me bloat, causing the scale to go up!). But right now, I'm just enjoying my chocolate banana tea (and soon I'll be switching to wine!) and waiting for the hockey game to start.

But OMG (I hate writing "OMG", but this deserves it) - we also went to the oil store. OMG (yes, it even gets two). DELICIOUS! First we tried the 25 year old aged balsamic vinegar... OMG (ok, three!). It was AMAZING. So of course, I got some. Then I tried a raspberry red pepper rice vinegar... (and you thought I would add OMG - I'm refraining from not doing so!), so I HAD to get some of that. And a rosemary olive oil, and a lime infused, and an orange, and a fajita, yes, fajita. They were all delicious! I ended up getting orange - can you imagine that with asparagus? Or even in my mayo that I make? I've been adding truffle oil, but with orange infused olive oil? OMG! I can't wait to make it!! I'm so excited! Oh, and then I tried this apple rosemary dijon sauce... Ahhh, it's so amazing! It's one of those foods that you try and then go "OMG, I NEED that", so of couse, I bought a jar. I'm terribly excited!

But that's it for now :) Life is GREAT, I'm enjoying being done with school (although next year, I'll probably go back and get my masters online... I'm still considering it though. I'd get my masters in public health with a concentration in epidemiology or lab sciences), enjoying working, enjoying having a life, enjoying going to the gym right when I wake up as opposed to at the end of the day, etc. Life is good right now :D
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  • SHERRY28269
    I went to an oil store this weekend. I tried some of the aged balsamic vinegars and they are amazing. I can't wait to start experimenting with recipes. emoticon
    1831 days ago
  • LYNSEY723
    Gosh, you are doing so great!! Those oils sound great! My hubs is the one who cooks, but he didn't seem to interested in the new oil store that opened in our mall! I may have to go look myself! :)

    Keep up the great work!
    1844 days ago
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