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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Ok, so by now all of you know that KTTAYLOR and I are not just SP buddies, we're FRIENDS! I'm talking, on the phone constantly talking and texting, sharing special moments, crying tears of joy and sadness...kind of friends.

Well anyway, the morning started with me sending her a text simply asking "have you had breakfast yet?". Fifty years later, she responds with "I'm at church. Don't do breakfast on Sundays." Now the first thought that comes to my mind is not "why don't you eat breakfast on Sundays?". Uh uh. My first thought is "what the heck are you doing texting in church?!" That's the question! Now, can I get an AMEN from the choir?

Moving on. So, after I send her a series of "how crazy is that!!", "Is that for religious reasons or what?" messages (which she clearly should not be reading while in church), she leaves church (I'm hoping), and then responds.

Moving on some more. Again, you all probably know by now based on our STATUSES that the both of us are in this weight loss challenge together (along with 3 other people) and so we challenge each other daily to do different exercises. So, on yesterday, KTTAYLOR sends an email, posting ALL that she had done (350 cart wheels, 129 cross legged know, typical stuff). Then she ends this bragging with something like "I'M IN PAIN". So I simply call the little show-off a WUSS.

How about after JUST LEAVING THE LORD'S HOUSE (and obviously passing on the message that she was supposed to have gotten while she was there), she sends me this in text (*the following is our actual text-versation*):

KTTAYLOR: "BTW...I am sssooooo not a wuss. I do not do my planks with my hands on the floor. I do mine with my elbows and forearms on the floor with my hands together. Not easily held as time increases. How do you do yours?"

GRACIE4ONE: "On my head".



KTTAYLOR: "I can't breathe and you're trying to make me laugh!!!!! Fool!"

GRACIE4ONE: "Bet you won't try to get smart with me again!"

When I said "on my head", I fell into uncontrollable laughter. I am still laughing as I type this, and it was just too funny not to share with the world. Now, if you don't think this is funny..... emoticon GET OFF MY BLOG!!!!!

I love you, NUT aka KTTAYLOR!
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