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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Yesterday and today have been wonderful ponder days for me. I'm able to reflect on my week, job search issues, dreams, shakes, juices, my eating...Yesterday, the family went to a Smashburger joint which is like Five Guys which is like any other burger joint. We've been there a few times (twice including yesterday since I began my new journey in January) and I've been gravitating toward their Smashchicken Buffalo grilled chicken sandwich which I am sure has a lot of sodium and calories as well as fat.

I budgeted my calories yesterday because I did not want to cook and I wanted to get away from our neighborhood and drive. Being cooped up in the house day after day since January 9th takes its toll on a guy in Florida!

I digressed...Anyway, we went and I had the Smashchicken and an order of their smashfries which I never have eaten; again in my budget as I planned for a fairly big dinner. I worked out hard yesterday and was starving for a good somewhat hot meal.

Water is the usual beverage of choice and I'm never worried about that. When I got home my estimate of 1000 calories was spot on. According to the SB website, I consumed 1020 calories between their buffalo grilled chicken and smashfries. Wow- it never ceases to amaze me how gaining weight was so easy when not tracking food. i would eat 2 of those a day (lunch and dinner) sometimes (1020) and have snacks, soda AND more during my "old" days. This doesn't include my chocolate cheerios (2-3 bowls) and OJ for breakfast and my mid morning snack of whatever the daily office faire was (donuts, pastries, you name it). Tracking calories is so beneficial and FUN. Yeah, you read that correctly. I look forward to succeeding every day and being within budget of my calories. I have to because I have to do this. No deadline; just steady and positive progress daily. You see, if I do decide one day to go to McDonalds or Smashburger again, if the calories are budgeted and planned for, then I guess it's OK. I have to be careful though to not get back to that 'entitled to a cheat meal day' for me. Those never worked out well, because the cheat day would bleed over into another 1 day, then another and before I knew it, the plan no longer existed. Why? I don't know except that it was easier to NOT work and track rather to be accountable and track.


Part Deux:
I mentioned in a recent blog about my knee feeling like a well oiled knee with a little less pain and more flexibility. While playing with Ginger (she has been deprived exercise lately; partly my fault; actually all my fault) I noticed little thoughts popping into my mind. Here is another oberservation; while bending down to picking up her little tennis ball you see down there (pic from yesterday), I no longer tip over like a teapot. I can actually (AND FORCE MYSELF) bend my knees and hips a little more to accomplish this. Yesterday I was so elated, I actually mentioned this to my family. My son noticed me bending down to pick up his ipod headphones from his floor and said "OK Dad!! We get it, you can bend your knees". It's all good; he's 16 and this is so minor to him, I'm fine with it. But for me; I cannot say how much happier I am to see this seemingly little accomplishment appear before me. A true surprise for me; I had to share that.

Below is a picture of Ginger from yesterday. I love this pic; she is so loyal and loving, we love her with all our hearts.


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    CUTE CUTE CUTE doggie you have there!
    1778 days ago
    You did a real good job with the burger joint! But, be careful about those types of meals 2-3 days before your weigh in day because of the sodium intake making you retain water. Even if it's just temporary water gain, it's still a bummer to get on the scale and not see the fruits of your labors!
    1785 days ago
    Awesome Job at smash burger! You have to be able to make this part of your life that means still being able to eat out but still being able to make good choices. Awesome job!
    1785 days ago
    Ginger is so cute! What a great picture!

    I've also noticed some of these same things. I can get up from a sitting position much quicker and I just feel more agile in so many situations. It's a great feeling!

    Good job planning for your dinner out and staying within your ranges. That's how it's done! It's amazing to think of how much calories we ate when we weren't tracking. I did the same thing. Yay for Sparkpeople!
    1786 days ago
    Way to go, great attitude. It's funny how all of a sudden we see what we're eating..where before we just shoved it in and swallowed...I know that in the past I've eaten a whole days calories in a snack!! Oh what we do to ourselves.
    Ginger looks like an ideal exercise buddy!
    Congrats on the lubed up knees! emoticon
    1787 days ago
  • _BABE_
    That's a good way to look at keeping within your calorie range ..a game. BTW I could learn to love your doggie too! emoticon
    1787 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog !
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1787 days ago
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