How Will I Incorporate My New Habit?

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Did I say I had a new habit? Maybe it's eating my Ancient Grains bread when I feel I really need it - otherwise sticking to my Perfect Health diet, which of course is a modified low carb diet for life! Get that last part? FOR LIFE!

Now that I know my condition of Ankylosing Spondylitis is a form of arthritis, I can follow what is recommended by the experts - one in particular on Dr. Oz's show last week:

Remove or avoid all gluten (good-bye my Ancient Grains bread!)
No dairy (but I think yogurt is okay)
No refined or processed foods
No alcohol (not a problem - rarely drink anyway)
No night shades (tomatoes/chilli, peppers - eegad - I've been eating those nearly every day)
No NSaid drugs or antacids (not a problem)
No anti-oxidants

Have to replace those with good bacteria, fermented foods and probiotics.

You repair the lining of your intestines with:

Omega-3 flax seed, salmon, nuts and another thing I can't decipher my handwriting, looks like jutamine?

Sooo, what I have done is run out and bought some Krill oil (I use softgel) that Dr. Oz recommends and almost instantly I felt a change!!! I've never had such an immediate response from anything in my life that I've eaten. Wow! No wonder he raves about it.

Will that "new habit" of mine stay or will I throw it out the window ? Let's see how today goes first. One step at a time..... I know my fellow low-carbers here on Spark are saying "Get rid of it NOW!" emoticon (for those who didn't read yesterday's blog, that's the bread I am so addicted to)

Please add any further info. you have.


P.S. Would you believe an ad for Krill oil appeared on the top of my page?
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