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Saturday, March 02, 2013

We received a call yesterday that my wife's cousin in California had a heart attack. He is OK we believe and still in the hospital (this occured Wednesday). He is only 65, but overweight. Probably about 80-100 pounds overweight. When he has visited in the past, we used to joke around that us 'big' guys love to eat. This hit home as Rafael (Raffy as we affectionately call him) is a great person. Unfortunately for him, he has this situation to deal with and his wife is a total mess; I can't imagine and hope not to experience anything like this.

My brother in law has had a heart attack, but on the other side of the spectrum he eats twice a week at the Cheescake Factory (Burgers and big meals; we've eaten with him a few times). He however is a very fit 50 year old who had a heart attack due to steroid use and diet (the doctor said this). He has high cholesterol and is on statins now.

My wife's cousin is diabetic and aquired the disease out of poor diet. A different cousin.

I was adopted and don't have any real family history, but the reality around me is enough of a wake up call.

How many times have I heard about heart attacks, strokes, cancer, diabetes in my circle of friends and family. The fact is many times. I have to do this. I refuse to sit here and acknowledge that poor choices are my behavior; I can change. I don't want my son growing up fatherless.

I got this in a very serious way today. Awesome workout. Doing everything I can to stay healthy, happy and a father and husband for my dear family.

Oh...Last night while I was in the 'few moments before sleep' stage, I was able to visualize myself as my new body and face. Don't ask how, but I've been working on this during meditation and was able to get a clear picture of myself looking at me at a very healthy weight. Then I guess I fell asleep. If that image is what I want then who/what is stopping me from attaining that goal?

Myself and myself only. I will do this, I know I will.
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    Health was a major concern of mine. I suffered from sever sleep apnea, high blood pressure and pre diabetes. Now I have all those under control with no medicine no surgeries by just making changes. I don't know how many but I am sure i have added years to my life and I have increased the quality of that life 10-fold. It's hard but like I have said it's worth it. Being unhealthy was hard to but it wasn't worth it. Great job seeing that and learning from other's mistakes and not wanting to follow in those foot steps!
    1687 days ago
  • WAYNE1997
    Thanks for the frank talk. My family has a history of heart disease. My grandfather died of a heart attack before I was born. My father has had a heart attack and is doing well on a diet and medication routine. I know this lifestyle change is important for similar reasons that you have listed here. I was reading about the large amount of sugar in everything these days and the health consequences of large amounts of sugar alone in our diets. I too am going to watch my food intake and exercise. Like you, I am the only thing standing between myself and my goals. Thanks again for your motivating words.
    1689 days ago
  • _BABE_
    emoticon Envisioning your new healthy life and image is spectacular Dave. It's going to be what keeps you motivated and on track. It seems that the stimuli around you is warranting a different response now...everything is a sign that you have to do it this time..no excuses!
    1690 days ago
    It's sad how those of us that were or still are over weight think that it's too difficult to change and be healthier. There is a perceived pain that goes along with depriving yourself of all of the wonderful treats that the world has to offer. It's the truly smart ones that see in other people the effects of not taking care of ourselves. These bad thing do happen and by neglecting our own health we are inviting them to visit their wrath upon us.
    1690 days ago
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