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Treats, not Cheats

Saturday, March 02, 2013

There are some people who plan cheat days. If you have to cheat, then something's not right in your diet.

Most of the time a "cheat day" turns into your calories for the entire week. Many times it is filled with no tracking and a lots of foods you wouldn't normally have because you've deemed them "off limits" the rest of the week. Those are generally the foods that are high in calories, fat and sodium. Many times it starts out with one off limit food and ends up with every off limit food you don't allow yourself all week.

Cheating brings your mind into that place where you're acting like a little kid in a candy store and not putting limits on yourself.

If you change just one thing in your mind, change "cheat" to "treat". If you're treating yourself, you may still have a few more calories than you normally would have, but it won't get out of control. Treating yourself allows you to slow down and savor the thing you've been wanting. You'd enjoy that item instead of scarfing it down and probably not even really taste it.

Nothing is off limits in a real diet, we live in the real world where birthdays come up and we indulge in a little cake, family gatherings happen and it turns into a potluck or a massive amount of food, friends want to get together to eat out, food will happen in places you don't normally go.

So plan that treat into your day, it can be once a week or a daily treat, but it can be incorporated into a healthy diet. If it's a treat, then you will eventually be in control of it and be satisfied with less of it, but if you are cheating the food is in control of you.
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