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Saturday, March 02, 2013

things go smoother , especially when it comes to stress, cortisol and weight loss!
hi again - it is nice to have my pc back with me and working again. funny how out of touch it seems to be when there is no net - i do not have a blackberry either.
anyway - i am back to deep breathing, visualization and purposeful relaxation. my mantra (i have not had one for quite a while) is - ' ALL THINGS WILL BE TAKEN CARE OF WITH OR WITHOUT ME' ., i hand it all to a Higher Power'.
why don't i remember that when there have been very dark days and stressful times before - i did do that - and it was much easier to cope with???? emoticon
taking inventory in my personal notes from three years ago - i am THIRTY pounds lighter - congrats to me on that!
taking inventory in my personal notes on my health from five years ago - my thyroid disease is in REMISSION (thank you Lord) - my RA and Fibro flare ups have occurred less often - and during those i have managed to be mobile - especially grateful am i for that.
so i say to everyone - if you have kept journals - look back and take inventory - you have probably accomplished more than you realize - and deserve to pat yourself on the back for all those steps in the right direction.
for the not so great part of things - what lessons can you learn so you don't keep on that path?
i still have to say - filing my foods, keeping the fridge filled with 'good foods' , taking out the clothes i want to wear again - organizing and self motivation - has been very very good for me .
spring is coming - daylight savings will be here next week - WE CAN EMERGE THIS SPRING better than ever - LET'S DO IT - have a great weekend and be nice to YOU.
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