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Surprises....NO THANK YOU.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I cannot tell you how much I hate surprises. I don't really even know why. But each time I am surprised....it feels as if it hasn't worked out well for me....except when my kids surprised me with the adoption of Alex...that was beautiful. I loved that little baby boy.

Thursday, a friend I knew years ago and have not seen in 5 yrs and rarely even chat much contacted me to let me know that she is flying into our town and would like to see me ON SATURDAY. That being said, I shift all my Saturday stuff to Friday to accommodate spending time with her. All I knew was that her husband had died a year ago (he was an alcoholic and died from the liver disease associated with alcoholism) and that her 25 year old daughters engagement had been called off. The rest she said, would be told over a cup of coffee. So far so good.

Friday arrives and the daily grind begins. I drop my hubby off at work so I can have the car and rush off to the mall to get some weekend shopping done, meet with Carol to practice some sign language and ended up taking food to dh who forgot his at home. Fortunately our town is small and everything is within reach. I was just saying goodbye to dh when I got a call from my friend to say "SURPRISE I am in George today and will be at your house in 1.5hrs." WHAT THE HECK.....thats not a pleasant surprise at all. We had a couple of days rain which meant the floors are full of doggy paw prints, laundry hurriedly brought in, is still lying across the laundry counter and considering I left home early this morning to drop hubby at work...you can only imagine what little housework I had gotten done.
For me, these SURPRISES are just rude. My friends house is always tidy with her 2 domestics, one for the house and one for windows and laundry and her gardener doing everything for her and the dogs are NOT ALLOWED indoors. I on the other hand have no help. Its all my work, from house, to family to garden and dog poop and my dogs are part of my family and spend as much time indoors as I do...and today was just not a good day. I wish I felt free to say..."well thats nice but sorry, but you said tomorrow and I cant make it today." But of course, she lives 12000km away from me and has flown in, not specifically to see me, but still...all things considered, that didn't happen. What did happen, was that I screamed home asap from dropping hubbies lunch off, to get cracking.

Before I could get busy, my son came out of his room with a raging temperature, glands all swollen and threatening to throw up. My gosh...why today? Still, my family DEFINITELY comes first so I started rummaging for medication to bring his temperature down and chatted to him to find out what he thought the cause might be. I also ended up doing some reflexology on his feet to ease the nausea and splitting headache. ONLY THEN could I start feverishly cleaning.
I washed the dishes, I made the bed, I packed the laundry away neatly, I cleaned the bathroom/toilet area, I swept then washed all the floors. As I was about to go outside and tackle the dog poop....my sick son said "at least I was able to do the poop for you mom."
Ah what a darling, even sick he didn't let me down (not that I asked him to do anything poor sick chap.) That at least gave me time to hop into a shower and change my clothes and look as if I'd had a morning of leisure rather than the hectic one that it really was. Why do we do that? Why not just look flurried and admit that she caught me with arriving one day early? Sigh...no answers to that leading question.

While in the shower, I heard my cell phone ringing and screeched to my son to answer. He came to the door and told me that my friend phoned and said she will meet me at the coffee shop at the mall. emoticon
I cant believe this. After all my double time scrubbing and NO I DONT CARE THAT I BURNED EXTRA CALORIES for the day....but I was later when you hear the rest of my terrible story lol.

I changed and went off to the mall, calling my sister, my mom, niece and nephew since she knew them all back in the day. A big greeting ensues and all that goes with long time friends meeting after several years and as we sat down and placeed our order (beer for me, I needed it, felt quite jangled instead of relaxed - had she but only arrived on Saturday as she said!!!) and in walked an Italian man....her new LOVER! Agh my word. She has left the faith and traveling around with a man she barely knows.

Now my blood was boiling, because she knows my feelings on the matter. What is wrong with people?? In my angry/momentarily confused state, I ordered and drank a HOT CHOCOLATE since I could not order another drink being the driver and all.
I really cant abide inconsiderate people. Luckily for me, within an hour of linking up with her, my hubby phoned needing to be fetched from work, and her Italian stud suggested they leave also since he was taking all around the garden route. She left saying she would call me next week to link up......I THINK NOT!! You go your way my dear, and I'll go mine. Now I know why she said her kids are fed up with her and not talking to her at present. Silly woman is behaving like a besotted teenager and making everyone crazy.
I know she had a really difficult marriage.....but why make what's left of it worse?

I wish that meant the day got better from there, but sadly it didn't. Hubby on hearing the tip of my iceberg in the car, suggested he take me to Upstairs at Harry's where they serve a 200g steak smothered in pepper sauce with a handful of fries for R50 ($5.5) a really super price. I tried to rectify the hot chocolate by ordering a sprite zero with a slice of lemon....good going emoticon
Then came my steak and I gave hubby 3/4 of my fries....feeling really good emoticon
I started telling hubby ALL MY TAILS OF WOE regarding my day and before I know it I'm sharing a slice of Motzart cake with him....NOOOOOOO emoticon

It sure tasted good but brought my calorie intake way up to 1817. emoticon

Well you all know that saying"you cant change yesterday, you don't control tomorrow, and you only have today you can control" so that's what I did. Today I have eaten regularly, but low calories to compensate because don't forget on Monday I get weighed by the excitable little skinny white cow in overdrive with the mega watt smile emoticon and anyone who shows a gain will have to pay a penalty of R15 ($1.65) and I'm NOT DOING THAT. I've already paid for the weight loss challenge course and paying twice for something holds no appeal to me.

Additionally to eating right today, I went walking with dh....in the rain. Luckily I love the rain and don't mind being wet at all. Don't look at the see through state of my shirt. Lucky I didnt know that fact till I got home and saw the photo. Note to self.......a "not to wear in the rain" shirt anymore.

The rain cleared up and we decided to go to the beach because its always so beautiful when the mist hangs over it. And petrol is going up on Wednesday next week, another .80c (.009) this is our second increase this year and its only March.

These little ladies and gents were having fun in the water before bedding down for the night at their favorite lagoon at the beach.

I was trying to photograph the gulls flying in toward me, but it was difficult at that time of evening without extra lighting. Bit blurred but can be seen. Through the lens it appeared to be flying straight at me.

The mist was everywhere but didn't stop "like minded" people from enjoying themselves as we did. I think the past few days heat was so oppressive, which is possibly why the mist didn't put anyone off.

Hubby suggested going to Sails restaurant for dinner.

THATS NOT EVEN FUNNY JUSTIN after yesterday.....in any case we didn't have money with us....luckily for me.

Nope, I went home and kept to my determination and made some healthy veggie only soup. 4Cups worth in case I'm hungry...but strangely enough I have not been over hungry at all today. Maybe the steak and cake are still floating around in my colon. emoticon

The difference between a skinny husbands snack and an overweight wifes snack.

Lunch was healthy and filling also comprising of butter beans, zucchini, mushrooms and herbs.

So today with 4 meals I have ended my day on 680 calories which will balance out yesterdays 1817 calories.

Tomorrow I go through to the congregation in Knysna an hours drive from here with Carol to meet the couple from the UK who are doing sign language in China. I need to get to bed early tonight because I've been up and through the night last night checking on my son and tomorrow will be a REALLY early start since their meeting begins at 8.30am and we still have traveling time and chatting time to consider.

Hope my on line friends have had a good day today with good choices.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I think your friend is a fair weather friend----one who flaunts and cares little of others,
    The next time she wants to link up just tell her your already busy at that time and you can set up the meeting if she is still interested.
    She was just showing off her new boyfriend and letting you know how little she cares for others.
    Good for you staying on track and taking care of your family. Hope your son is well.
    Have a wonderful week my friend. Sandy
    1785 days ago
    Interesting how old friends in the faith have to go on a tour of their old friends when they know they are leaving or being removed from the faith for their unwholesome activities! All the way around it was rude. Thankfully you displayed Jehovah's spirit Sister!
    emoticon emoticon
    1787 days ago
    Wow, what a surprise. A hateful one at that. I am so glad you kept your cool though. Maybe one of the others had a comment for her after you left. Yummy looking dinner today. emoticon
    1788 days ago
    emoticon emoticon better you then me. LOL

    Glad Hubby tried to make you feel good. Thanks for the picturs.

    HUgs Mary
    1788 days ago
    emoticon Don't you just hate those surprise visitors who expect you to jsut drop everyting to go to them?

    That cake looked divine! Nice pictures.
    1788 days ago
    hi Celest

    you had a nice time out with hubby

    I must say you need to be more (I am worth it) aggressive to people who change their appointments -- sorry -- but you should of said today I can not make it -- a busy day of running..

    have a good day tomorrow with your fellowship..

    hugs Jo
    1788 days ago
    That is not fun! I think I would have had to say fine, you can come over but my house is a mess because I do have a family to take care of. Way to go on getting your stuff done even though you ended up going to the mall.
    1788 days ago
    You poor thing, what a hectic two days!!
    1788 days ago
  • GINA180847
    What silliness your friend is under going and being so inconsiderate. You did well though and can be very proud of yourself.
    1788 days ago
    I have had folks pull similar stunts on me...between inviting themselves to stay at my home for a District Convention which turned out to be just for fun (for them..certainly not me!) and another time they were moving, asked to stay with us...then call after ten pm to say they have checked into a hotel just minutes away. I had waited for hrs for them to arrive..and done so much getting ready. Was really happy they decided not to stay with us...once I got over my temper! There are other incidents of similar nature. You really got a Lulu this time! Hope the rest of the weekend and weigh-in on Monday will go well.
    1788 days ago
    That is one hectic surprise! I would be furious as well. It seemed like your friend just wanted to show off her new arm candy.

    Good job recovering with your meals though! That's definitely the right way to do it!

    1788 days ago
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