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100 POUNDS Down - Photos

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Saturday, March 02, 2013

I finally made it to that big milestone. I've lost 100 pounds! I've still got a long way to go. My doctor wants me to lose another 50-60 pounds but look how far I've come! Over the next few blogs I'm going to try to share with you as openly and honestly as I can about my journey to this point. Perhaps it will inspire, motivate or educate one of you.

First a quick background. I can 't tell you what my top weight was (I have actually lost more than 100 pounds) but the first time I got a scale that could handle my weight it said 345. At that point I had already lost a little weight so I can safely say I was over 350. I'm about 5'8 if that gives you any point of reference.

Years of obesity had led to many health problems and I vowed if I recovered I was going to make the change. It wasn't easy. Don't expect to find some "big secret" here. What I do want to share with you today is how I got started. This may sound like an odd thing to share but for a person that felt the task too large it was the way I moved out of the starting gate.

1) I had to know where I was. I bought a scale that could weigh me accurately and stepped on. After I came to grips with that HUGE number I set a goal to lose ten pounds. Just TEN pounds. I didn't look beyond that.

2) I spent the first day just tracking what I ate with no modification in my diet. It was eye opening.

3) I looked at where I could make a few small changes that I could sustain. In those early days it was just to eat at the top of my range. That was a BIG step. It basically forced me to weigh and measure my foods.

4) I vowed to do some form of exercise each day. In the beginning it was walking around my kitchen island for 5 minutes.

5) I told somebody what I was doing for accountability.

6) I started a little paper clip chain - one clip for each pound. I put it on my pantry door where it would remind me how hard I worked for each little clip before I took something out to eat.

7) I began looking up restaurant food online.

That's really all I did in the beginning. I did lose. Even eating at the top of my range for a sedentary person I lost. It was a big change from eating with no boundaries and my body began responding.

That initial success motivated me to press on!


If you are reading this and have had little or no success so far in your journey - take heart. I'm 57 with bilateral total knee replacements and was obese for 3-1/2 decades. If I can do it... you can too. You just have to decide you want to lose weight. That's not the same as wanting to be thin. It requires sustained ACTION.

Before I close today I want to share two pictures with you. I have not found a picture of me at my highest weight (will continue to look) but this one is way up there and shows how much I have changed!

Stay tuned... I've got a lot more to share! PRESS ON!
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