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A Different way to spend Friday night...

Friday, March 01, 2013

Tonight was the perfect night to try out the Total Body Sculpting DVD Spark People sent me to review. I was fortunate to receive this from Spark People because prior to me losing my home to Hurricane Sandy I usually blogged daily. As most of you know I have been MIA for a while just trying to deal with my loss, depression, and get trying to get back on my feet.

If you have been following some of my recent blogs; until I can rebuild my home I was living out of my car but last month started staying with a different co-worker 5 nights a week A different co-worker each night. My Friday night “sleepover” is a friend that has 3 teenage daughters, so tonight we all did the DVD. We made a party of it and had a blast. Afterwards we had or are actually still doing a spa night. I am waiting for my turn for a manicure and facial, had my shower already, so I am typing out this blog while fresh in my mind and waiting my turn for the paraffin wax and manicure.

Total Body Sculpting is a 3 different set of workouts in one: a ballet inspired routine using a chair instead of a ballet bar so anyone can do it, an equipment free fat blaster, and a heart pumping workout using dumbbells. You have 3 people demonstrating the routines so you can workout at your level. Choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced or even mix it up during the routine. You actually can burn more if you do not always work at the same level so it is good to mix it up. If you do all 3 parts the total workout is 69 mins. Depending on your time schedule you can just do one of the above 3 workouts along with the warm up and cool down and still receive a great workout.

I chose to follow the Beginner gal in the back. I have been fighting a nice dose of bronchitis for going on 3 weeks now. In fact I have not had a voice since Monday. All I can do is whisper. My doctor says he doesn’t want to see me till all my medicine is gone which will be on Tuesday.

I will be honest I was a little “pooped” after the warm up but it is just because I have been so sick. I did the 1st workout, The Ballet Barre one and I loved it! Loved all of the stretches. Felt oh so good after a long stressful week of work. Oh I know my muscles will be screaming tomorrow because I have not been exercising at all since my house was flooded out. The 3 teens of course, the little showoffs did the advance workout following Coach Nicole. Oh to be so young and limber again. Did pretty good for a 57 year old I think.

I only did part of the 2nd routine which was the Equipment Free Fat Blaster but loved the figure eights you made with your arms. To me I felt kidlike a figure eight but it felt really good and I tried to make it as big of a figure 8 I could make. I could just feel all of the kinks leaving my body. We were all giggling as we made our figure 8s. We were in the family room and her hubby walked by and did a double take because he thought we were nuts which made us all giggle more. In case you haven’t guessed the “equipment” was our body parts used as resistance. It was genius if you ask me.

The 3rd routine, the Heart Pumping Dumb bell , we just watched the kicks knock themselves out with it. They all wanted me to bring it with me every Friday night to do it. I actually said, why don’t you girls borrower it for a while on the agreement that you will return it to me. Made them happy.

So sorry fellow Sparkers my copy is being used at the moment but the Total Body Sculpting DVD is available at and in Target stores. "Total Body Sculpting" is also available at other retailers as well such as Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Kmart, Sam’s Club, College Video, and Go out and get it. If I can do it anyone can.

“I received this DVD for free from SparkPeople but did not receive any form of payment for my review.”
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