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I'm bored

Friday, March 01, 2013

Next week will be a long one, just waiting to start work. Guess I have plenty of homework to keep me busy, but I'm sure that won't be particularly exciting. Since I haven't made much (any?) of an attempt to catch up with old friends in this area, there won't be any hanging out type food temptations, although I do have an invite to Chinese food with the people I've been playing pickleball with. Might have to do that, as I'll probably rarely be able to play in the near future.

I wasn't necessarily bored yesterday when I went on a snack rampage. It was more likely that I was tired from trying to shock myself into a much much earlier sleep pattern, combined with trying to stay up to watch the Red Wings play a west coast game, and was just munching mindlessly in something of an effort to stay awake. I did put the snacks away after posting that status, and have only noshed a tiny bit today, though I am about to head to the gym and make no promises about afterwards.

I did wake up decently early this morning, though nothing like I will be having to do soon. Up at 7:30, out to Ann Arbor by 8:30, grabbed two copies of proof that I was born, and then to the secretary of state's by 9:30, where I got a shiny new temporary license with my Wisconsin license clipped and stapled to it. Wonder how that's going to go over at the airport? The only official picture ID I now have is expired, and I don't get the next one for 2-3 weeks. Hope the temporary license plus remains of the WI license suffices both for work eligibility proof as well as passing the TSA test, otherwise, I might be in a spot of bother. Guess I'll find out next Sunday and Monday!

But, now I will go to the gym. I'm getting there. Slowly. Meant to go a prim and proper half hour after eating dinner, but I kind of dozed off for a bit there. And then I started typing this. But I'm going, really, I am. I've put lotion on my ashy ashy legs and everything. Just gotta find some socks, there's gotta be some clean ones here somewhere, I just did laundry on Wednesday. I should go before Jeopardy starts up, so I'm not tempted to watch...woops, too late. I'm just going to have to tiptoe past the tv, and OK OK I'M GOING ALREADY. Just for that, no song for you!
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