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Friday, March 01, 2013

As of this morning, I am dangerously close to being down a full 14 pounds and at my "fighting weight" of 130. That is not my ultimate goal, but there is something special about that weight for me.
During high school I was, as were many people, at my lightest weight while at my full height and adult shape. In college, I gained weight, and right after college graduation I dropped pounds like hot potatoes until I was dangerously skinny. That was unhealthy weight loss, achieved with obsessive exercise (literally obsessive - it was an illness) and not eating (my daily diet became Slim Fast, Slim Fast, Bottle of wine). I found my emotional foothold, started living a so-called "real life" and my body settled in to its Happy Weight.
That weight is 130 pounds.
For years, I hovered right around 130. I look good at 130. I am at a healthy BMI at 130 (I am only 5'1", so this is right in the middle of healthy BMI for my height), and my doctor was never worried about me at 130. I get a lot of cat-calls from strangers at 130. (Actually, it started up yesterday and inspired me to weigh-in this morning, but that's a different blog entry.)
Here's the problem - 130 has become not only my happy weight, but my plateau. I was able to get just below 130 for my wedding, but there was some stress-loss in there, I'm sure. Every other time I've tried to get below 130 since that scary time post-college, I just couldn't.
I'm nervous, but also excited. I think that I've found a system, a support group (YOU!), the right exercises, and the right motivation to pass by my plateau and make it to my next goal by my birthday. I've got one month to torch 6.5 pounds. It is a tall order, especially with that magical weight of 130 to contend with, but I'm going to make it happen!
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