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Friday, March 01, 2013

So here's my deal- and yes, this does feel like I'm about to list excuses, but I'm allowing myself excuses right now. I've been half-a**ing my tracking, I've been eating half-healthy. My life is crazy baby busy. There are days I don't have time to shower, let alone get on the computer 6-8 times a day to track food and workouts. The only reason I have time to blog right now is because Owen is taking an especially long nap, but that could end a any second and I'll have to stop blogging suddenly for some play time. So if the end of this entry is abrupt or I don't spell check when I'm done you know why :)
I had the spark people mobile app to make tracking easier, but I'd deleted it off my phone when I wasn't using it and when I went to get it again it wasn't free anymore. (what up with that Spark!?!?) So I downloaded the My Fitness pal app for tracking, which I love love loved because of the barcode scanner which made tracking super easy, but recently I had to put a credit card reader app on my phone and to make the space for it I had to delete something... angry birds was he first to go, my fitness pal was the second. All my other apps I need- all I have on there now is business related, calendar, sticky notes, credit card reader.
I'm still losing, but super super slow because of not being faithful with tracking.
So I started thinking that for the time being I need a program that takes the tracking out of it- I need a no decisions, no thinking plan. I need someone to come in say eat this at this time, eat that at that time, workout for this long today.
Then I'm watching Kelly & Michael yesterday and they have the guy that wrote Shred on the program... I looked into it and it sounds like just what I need for now. If you haven't hard of Shred no worries, it's completely healthy, not some crazy diet. It's basically getting back to eating real food- fruit, veggies, lean proteins, whole grains. It has you eating seven times a day- 3 solid meals, 3 snacks, and 1 liquid meal (smoothie, protein shake, or soup).
I won't have to track, I won't have to think about it.
Every day is different on Shred but here's an example of a day's food. Some guidelines- wait at least one hour after a meal before a sack, never go longer then 4 hours without eating.
Meal 1-
1 piece of fruit, 1 piece of whole grain toast, 1 cup juice, and 1 of the following- oatmeal, egg white omelet, or fat-free yogurt.
Snack 1- 100 calories
Meal 2- turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with lettuce, tomato, 1 slice cheese, and a teaspoon mustard or mayo plus one serving veggies
Snack 2- 150 calories
Meal 3- 1 piece of fruit or serving of veggies and a liquid meal (fruit smoothie, protein shake, or soup 300 calories or less)
Snack 3- 100 calories
Meal 4- 2 servings veggies and 5 oz. lean protein (chicken, turkey, or fish)
Optional snack 4 (before bed)- 100 calories
In addition you have a choice of what to drink with meals- milk, diet soda (1 per day), juice, tea (unsweetened), flavored water or sports drink (under 60 calories), coffee (1 per day and less then 50 calories), alcohol ( light beer up to 3 per week, or wine 3 per week, or mixed drinks 2 per week... which I pretty much never drink- but it's nice to know I can if I want to)
So that's just an example, every day is different. Some days you have pancakes and bacon, some days beans, etc.
I like that the food is real, you eat lots of it, and often. I feel like it might work for me for now, at least while I get back on track, hopefully it'll kick start me back into eating healthy and not going so dang long between meals... seriously, there are days I don't eat for like five hours or longer after I wake up. On Shred you have to eat meal 1 within an our of waking up. I like that it's not a "diet", it's just eating healthy and balanced and getting the old metabolism revved back up. And what I like most-I was telling hubby about it and he said he wants to do it with me! Yay!
Mike isn't planning on doing it as to the letter as I am, but that's okay with me. I'm just glad I can cook him the same thing for dinner as I'm cooking myself, even if he is drinking pop with it and eating chips after. I'm really happy that he's committing to eating more after. he's been working like 60 hours a week and he sometimes doesn't eat till he gets home after a 10 hour day of work- not good. I'll have to pack the food and let him know what to eat when, but that's okay with me if I can stop worrying about his eating habits.
This weekend my parents come for the week so we're planning on starting after they leave. It'll probably take some time to get in the swing of it, I'm not about to set myself up for failure by thinking I can swing week one while company is here.

Anyways, besides being excited to start that I've been exercising again which feels great. The weather is gorgeous here, most days over 65 (sorry to all of you in blizzards, but it's awesome here on the West coast). The nice weather means I've been able to get out with the stroller and walk almost every day as long as there's not too much wind. I also bought two Jillian Michaels DVDs the other day. Holy cow! Jillian is hard core! I don't now how those biggest losers can get through a 3 hour workout with her, I barely make it through a 20 minute video! I also put a couple workout with your baby type videos on my queue. The first s on it's way and will hopefully be in the mail today. It's cardio where you dance with your baby called Dance Baby Dance. Cute. The next to come is strength where you use your baby as weight called Baby Reps. Double Cute. Looking forward to trying those on days Owen is feeling especially needy and not wanting to be put down.
Speaking of- there he is waking up :)
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    Sounds like that plan should work. I remember those baby days when just taking a shower undisturbed was a luxury!
    1842 days ago
    I am all in favor of eating lots of healthy foods and exercising a lot and watching those lbs melt away!
    1842 days ago
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