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The Ripple Effect

Friday, March 01, 2013

Have you heard people say that when they make major changes to one area of their life, it has a ripple effect on other areas? The key is confidence and losing weight is the number one example of setting a ripple in effect.

I haven't been blogging as much because some of my energy has shifted to other areas of my life. Not all of it, mind you. I still weigh in regularly and am working out. I continue to be mindful of my eating and even dropped a pound in the process of staying vigilant.

My energies have shifted to my dating and professional life. Right now, thanks to the advent of meeting online, I've been dating up a storm. I'm fortunate; my dates have been attractive, well behaved gentlemen. At 47, I'm dating more now than when I was young. I am totally enjoying all the male attention and compliments. It reminds me of what the rules were like when my parents were teens. You dated several people, but nothing would happen beyond a kiss. Then someone would ask you to "go steady", which meant an exclusive relationship that included making out. Sex was reserved for marriage. Of course in 2013, the rules are out the window, but it doesn't hurt for a woman to date in multiples until she finds someone to be exclusive with. For me, it keeps me from getting too intense over one guy who may not be worth it.

I'm also doing freelance work for a national consulting firm. They had contacted a colleague of mine looking for a specific skill set. My colleague knew I had expertise in the area and referred them to me. They are paying me VERY well to complete the project. In fact, the contract will pay me the equivalent of over two months salary.

Between the dates and the side job, I'm busy, busy, busy. But it will be nice to have money and companionship. I don't take any of this for granted and I'm truly grateful for the changes that are rippling through my life.

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